Top 10 Marine Paintings by Susanne Fournais Grube

Farewell QE2

A new exhibition of paintings by expert naval artist Susanne Fournais Grube is set to go on display at London's Osborne Studio Gallery this autumn. Wife of Danish ambassador Claus Grube, Fournais Grube was elected as an official Belgian marine painter in 2004, allowing her to sign her works with the coveted red anchor.

Fournais Grube is inspired by her travels around the world and, being largely self-taught, the appeal of her works lies in their charming, almost quaint, aesthetic. From military vessels to cruise ships suitable for royals at sea, Fournais Grube's passion for her subject is evident. Click through to see our pick of the best pieces.

Marine Paintings by Susanne Fournais Grube is at the Osborne Studio Gallery, London, from 7-13 October 2015.

Pictured: Farewell QE2, the "most beautiful cruise ship ever built"


Fournais Grube's signature, almost cartoon-like style is evident in this charming illustration of a traditional rowing boat.

Queen Mary II

Cunard's flagship luxury cruise liner Queen Mary II takes on an imposing and utterly striking demeanour in this depiction of her sailing in Newfoundland.


Although simplistic on the surface, Fournais Grube's painting of a tug boat heading out to sea at dawn is a quintessential illustration of the appeal of life on the ocean.

Le Havre

Come rain or shine, traditional ferry boats such as the French Le Havre are always hard at work moving passengers and cargo.

Kelvin Bank

Kelvin Bank, an American-built commercial merchant vessel, began life as a Liberty ship during WWII and was used to aid the British war effort.


Kaskelot, a three-masted barque built in Denmark, is one of the last remaining 'Tall Ships' and has been converted into a luxury yacht for charter.


Nothing captures the essence of the beautiful British coastline like a traditional rowing boat basking in the summer sunshine - Fournais Grube's painting pictures it perfectly.


Dannebrog is the Danish royal ship and officially belongs to the Queen of Denmark. Fournais Grube says she is the "pride and joy" of King Frederik IX, the nation's beloved sailor-king.


While boats may be beautiful on a grand scale it is the mundane details that keep them functional - and if there's one thing any sailor should know it's how to execute the perfect knot.

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