The new water toys every yacht needs this Med season

Poseidon Se7en Rebreather

Think you can last another season with just last year's top jet ski or stand-up paddleboards in your toy box? Think again. With so many new and exciting toys on the market to help you get out and explore the ocean, here's our essential guide to the kit every yacht owner needs this Med season.

Poseidon Se7en Rebreather

This superior breathing apparatus was developed by NASA engineer Dr Bill Stone when he applied the same principles behind the kit astronauts use in space. It measures and controls the amount of oxygen at changing depths while purifying exhaled air of CO2 and refreshing it with oxygen, then recirculates it. The result is that you can stay underwater for up to three hours. Along with the innovation, there’s lots of tech, too, including Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can make configuration changes mid-dive.

Se7en Rebreather, £4,680,

Ortega MK.1C submarine

A three seater personal electric submersible that would look completely at home in Batman’s marina (if he had one). Based on a WWII SBS project, the MK.1C is powered by two 10kWh electric thrusters and capable of good surface and submersed speeds of nine knots and 11 knots respectively. The onboard trimming system and air supply make it possible to extend submersion times, with a range of 80nm at depths to 95 metre. Each 570kg, 6.5 metre sub boasts a variety of dopplers, sonars and other sensors, naturally.

MK.1C submarine, €650,000,

Yamaha FXCruiser SVHO

Image courtesy of Yamaha

Yamaha’s flagship WaveRunner is a comfortable long-distance cruiser packed with innovation. The raised, theatre-style seating for three means everyone gets a great view of the action. Speaking of which, open the throttle and it’s clear this machine is built for more than just cruising. The supercharged Super Vortex High Output 1812cc engine combined with Yamaha’s latest lightweight NanoXcel 2 hull means the FXCruiser has considerable performance and agile handling. Key features? Electronic throttle control with cruise-assist, “no-wake” mode, reverse with traction control, electronic trim and remote security with “low-RPM” mode option.

FXCruiser SVHO, £15,599,

Lampuga Boost

A high-end electric surfboard for those who like to “hang ten” but desire a helping hand out past the breakers. This 256cm x 80cm board can reach speeds of up to 34mph when planing with the 15hp electric engine, which charges from flat in as little as two hours. You will still get something of a workout as you go down to the water, though, as the Boost weighs a hefty 37kg – but once in the water this should be of little concern.

There are two models from which to choose: the Boost Edition at €12,940, and the super luxe Boost Carbon Edition at €18,500. The Carbon, as its name suggests, boasts a full-polished carbon fibre body, making it strong as well as sleek. The output is increased to 22hp, too, bumping the top speed to 37mph. Controlling this jetboard is simple with adjustable engine power so you can quickly switch from relaxed cruise to hot-blooded ride in seconds. And in case of an “unintended driver dismount” an automated emergency stop cuts the engine completely, preventing any further operation of the Lampuga.

Boost surfboard, €18,500,

Radiator shark deterrent diving suit

No one wants an encounter with a shark that is too close for comfort, so this makes Radiator Shark Deterrent dive suits an eminently sensible choice. The specialised patterns break up and diffuse light, rendering one’s outline tricky to discern, thereby making it harder for a shark to see you.

Shark deterrent wetsuit, A$495,

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