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BOAT Briefing: Why green graphene will change the future of superyachts

On this week’s podcast Stewart reports back from a whirlwind visit to British climate technology company Levidian Nanosystems, which recently announced a new partnership with Edmiston. The team also discuss the sad demolition of former Atlantic record holder Gentry Eagle and debate the benefits of a trimaran design. They also look at the Q1 charter numbers and why there is  unprecedented demand for charters this summer. In news the team discuss Wider and Nauta Design’s Moonflower 72 and Azimut Benetti Group’s record-breaking order book. The data story focused on the five biggest sales by LOA so far this year.

The Big BOAT Interview: Rob Doyle and Pieter Van Geest

A trimaran nearly as wide as it is long with virtually unlimited range, as long as there is wind, water and sun. Designer Pieter Van Geest and naval architect Rob Doyle conceived of Domus as a flexible platform, ideally suited for a circumnavigation (it is “Panamax ready” both in terms of its width and height), or a party platform. Despite its radical looks, this trimaran would be easier and less expensive to build than a comparable catamaran, the design team says. All systems are concentrated in the central hull, and it could be built in sections. Rob and Pieter who both have a particular affinity to sailing have worked with Ron Holland in years past and now both head their own studios, in Ireland and The Netherlands respectively. The pendulum is swinging back to sailing, they say, and one of the challenges is the lack of build slots. But with everyone looking for space, a trimaran is a plausible and attractive solution, which offers plenty of space to stretch out and incorporate solar panels, batteries, and fuel cells.

BOAT Briefing: Who are the biggest builders in China?

In this week’s episode, the team discuss the recent Owners’ Club event in Miami, and plans for the upcoming Superyacht Design Festival at the end of June. There’s also talk of David Bowie’s yacht, El Caran, which is currently up for sale; an update to the charter licensing fees in Turkey, which should lure more boats to the area; and analysis of this year’s Q1 brokerage sales. In the news, they discuss the 45m Benetti yacht Domani , which recently took on water off the coast of Grays Harbor in Washington; a glimpse of an exciting new 100m+ yacht emerging from the Lürssen sheds, rumoured to be named Project Alibaba; and an innovative new 88m eco-focused concept from Vripack, called Utopia at Sea. The data story focuses on the number of superyacht builders and projects currently in the sheds in China.

BOAT Briefing: Will we have yacht shows without yachts?

In this week's episode of BOAT Briefing, Sophia reports back from the Spring Pop Up in Monaco where topics included how the war in Ukraine is impacting the market and emerging shipyard destinations. We also look at how a booked-up charter season impacted the MYBA charter show and the forthcoming Formula One Grand Prix in Miami, including the incorporation of a marina without any water. We also celebrate the winners of this year’s Ocean Awards. In the news this week we cover the new flagship of the Bering explorer series, the launch of the Oasis 34M and that Tankoa will build a 52 metre Vitruvius.

The Big BOAT Interview: Guillaume Hodde, co-founder of AirYacht

In this week's Big BOAT Interview, we sit down with Guillaume Hodde, the co-founder of a company called AirYacht, which is seeking to build "the superyacht of the skies". This is a 200-metre-long airship that carries a 50-metre long, superyacht-styled residence that can be dropped on water or on land. You can hear more details about the project from Guillaume at our Superyacht Design Festival in Milan, running from 22-24 June. Tickets are now available via our website here.

BOAT Briefing: Why it's all about the experience for millennial yacht owners

In this week's episode of BOAT Briefing, Sophia reports back from the first ever Experiential Yachting Forum in Monaco, we discuss why the shared ownership model has never taken off and learn more about the out-of-this-world refit of 56 metre Galaxy. We also bring you news of a brand new superyacht shipyard on the South Coast of the UK, and the fascinating history of the boat it's currently restoring, TT Calshot, and we ask the question: how long can the superyacht boom last? In the headlines this week are Benetti's newly launched Calex, Southern Wind's 32 metre Sorvind and Numarine's baby explorer, the 22XP.

The Big BOAT Interview: Mark Elliott

This week’s Big BOAT interview is with IYC yacht broker Mark Elliott. A Miami native who got his sea legs early, Mark was an experienced captain by the age of 19. We talk about the time he met Bernie Little, a yacht aficionado who loomed large in his career, the hairy hours when he battled to save the guests and crew of 37 metre Nadine (which eventually sank in 15-metre waves off Sardinia) – an incident made famous by the movie Wolf of Wall Street, his fondness for flying, the time he met Sean Connery, the American yacht building industry and a few of his current listings, which include 73.1 metre Laurel, 64 metre Atomic and the one-of-a-kind Jon Bannenberg-designed all-carbon Oceanfast Thunder.

BOAT Briefing: Why Sydney Harbour is the best waterway in the world

In this week's episode of BOAT Briefing, the team discuss the wonders of Sydney Harbour, and why so many superyacht owners own vineyards. We also talk treasure hunting, and a new boat show that has started in London. In the news this week is the launch of 88 metre Project X by Golden Yachts, the first sighting of the future Feadship flagship, Project 821, and a new hybrid catamaran design by Silent Yachts. Our data story, meanwhile, looks at some of the most adventurous yachts of 2022 so far.

The Big BOAT Interview: Bengt & Philip Mortstedt

This week we sit down with the owner of the 34m Benetti Star of the Sea, who tells the fascinating story of how he tracked down this beauty on the other side of the world before bringing her to the Grenadines where she now resides at Bequia Beach Hotel. Mortstedt and his family have established one of the Caribbean’s coolest hotels, a project that the whole family is involved with. They talk about how they captured the magic of the Grenadines and tell us what it really takes to build a super-luxurious beachfront hotel on the other side of the world.

BOAT Briefing: Could this be the strongest year for brokerage sales ever?

In this week’s episode, the team look at Q1 brokerage sales compared with previous years and discuss some of 2022’s most expensive listings. We also shine a spotlight on the trend for standout superyacht lighting, and run through this week’s headlines – including a new fully custom 42.5m Feadship named Callisto, a 65m ice class explorer that looks like a classic yacht, designed by Canadian designer Ivan Erdevicki, and the fact that Mengi-Yay Yachts in Tuzla has just launched the 48m NB101, the first hull in the new Virtus 47 line.

The Big BOAT Interview: Richard A Sykes

This week we sit down with the owner of the 33m Benetti Odyssey III. As well as refitting this 1967 beauty, Sykes has also been involved with the multi-million pound restoration of Grantley Hall, a 1600s countryside mansion that’s now one of Britain’s leading luxury hotels, which he bought together with his mother Valeria.

Sykes talks about the small changes that have made a big difference his yacht, which became a project that the whole family was involved in; how he was forced to change careers after the financial crisis of 2008; what he still has to learn in the world of hospitality; and why for him, success is so much more than the bottom line of a balance sheet.

BOAT Briefing: Two fascinating refits to have on your radar

In this week’s BOAT Briefing US Editor Cecile Gauert joins the show and shares her thoughts after the dust has settled on a hectic Palm Beach Boat Show, including some exclusive insight on two intriguing refit projects. Meanwhile, Sophia has just returned from the world premiere of the Amels 80 in Amsterdam and a trip to the Yacht Club de Monaco. The news covers Project Blue’s sea trials, Italian shipyard Tankoa’s contract for a 52 metre and the delivery of 71m Feadship superyacht Juice. For the data story the focus returns to Amels, looking at the brand’s growth and the success of the Limited Edition series.

The Big BOAT Interview: Lars Windhorst

This week we sit down with the owner of 74 metre superyacht Global, who is also the new owner of the Nobiskrug shipyard in northern Germany. Just 45, Lars was once hailed as the “German Bill Gates” before losing it all in the Dotcom bubble. He founded his investment company Tennor in 2004 and has since built it into a global enterprise. Lars talks about the highs and lows of his career, including his amazing survival in a private jet crash, and why he decided to take a bet on the superyacht industry.

BOAT Briefing: Which hot superyachts are on the market now?

In this week’s episode of BOAT Briefing, Stewart reports back from both the St Barths Bucket and the Palm Beach International Boat Show, and chat turns to amazing superyachts that are currently on the market: including the incredibly well-travelled Dorothea III. The news covers the recent arrest of the 58m Phi in London; the announcement that Barcelona has been named as host of 37th America’s Cup regatta in 2024; a major refit of the 63m Force Blue at Lusben; and an impressive new 75m hybrid expedition yacht at Damen Yachting. The data story, meanwhile, focuses on three major Dutch shipyards: Feadship, Oceanco, and Amels.

The Big BOAT Interview: Alex Jimenez (aka The Yacht Guy)

Anyone who has an Instagram account and is even remotely familiar with yachting will have heard of The Yacht Guy – you probably follow him. The man behind the account is New York native Alex Jimenez, who went from sleeping in his truck to staying on superyachts. Hear how Alex got his start, what it was like becoming the world’s biggest yachting influencer, and how he thinks social media has changed the game for the yachting industry.

BOAT Briefing: The superyacht industry rallies in support of refugees

In this week’s episode of BOAT Briefing, we discuss how companies in the superyacht industry are rallying in support of Ukrainian refugees, and further examine how the sector is responding to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. In the news this week is a $95 million NFT superyacht, the arrival in Falmouth of the classic 58 metre explorer yacht Seawolf, which is set to undergo an extensive refit, and an update on the German shipyard Lloyd Werft, which has found a buyer after declaring bankruptcy earlier this year. To mark the the Dubai Boat Show, our data story this week concerns boats built in the UAE.

The Big BOAT Interview: Captain Malcolm Jacotine

This week we sit down with Captain Malcolm Jacotine, who has more than thirty years’ experience at the helm of some of the world’s largest yachts. Alongside his consultancy Three Sixty Marine, he is a passionate advocate for sustainability in yachting and has created Superyacht2030.com in an effort to cast a light on some of the challenges the industry is facing. In this interview we talk about what superyachts of the future might look like, what can be done to make the current fleet more sustainable and why it is vital that there is collaborative effort for change.

Episode 80: BOAT Briefing – How is the war in Ukraine impacting the industry?

After a week that has put superyachts under intense scrutiny the team reflect on what some of the implications are and how they might be felt across the industry. In lighter discussions the team chat about of Denison Yachting’s acquisition, Sophia’s upcoming trip to the Dubai International Boat Show and Stewart’s pilgrimage to Florida for the best fried chicken. In news the team cover the launch of 160m Project Blue, a busy week for Amels and the announcement that 77m Project Black Shark will be completed at Nobiskrug. This week’s date is focused around Gross Tonnage and looks at the difference between the longest and the largest yachts in the world.

The Big BOAT Interview: Terry Hutchinson

A lifelong sailor with multiple accolades, Terry Hutchinson is once again embarking on a quest to bring the America's Cup back home with American Magic and the New York Yacht Club. We caught up with him from his home in Maryland where he lives, surprisingly enough, on a farm. He brings us to speed with the recently inked agreement with the New York Yacht Club, American Magic's long-term vision, revisit briefly AC36 and the moment Patriot caught a bad break, chat about sailing for fun and sailing to win. and family. Terry, who wrote a column in BOAT's US edition all through AC36, calls the America's Cup the Everest of sailing and his focus is on reaching the summit!

Episode 78: BOAT Briefing – Why superyacht buyers are getting younger

In this week's episode of BOAT Briefing, we consider the impacts of the Ukraine crisis on the superyacht sector, talk about Oman as a superyacht destination and discover why brokerage clients are suddenly getting a lot younger. While Charlotte has been touring the Gulf, Stewart has been in Cornwall seeing Pendennis and Princess, and sneaks on board the 1931 classic Marala. In the news, we discuss a new 76 metre order at Turquoise, Pershing's new GTX116 and Heesen's 60 metre Lusine. Our data story concerns sportfishers – and why this market is looking very good indeed.

The Big BOAT Interview: Jouin Manku

A design chat with the creators behind Jouin Manku. From restaurants to luxurious retail spaces for clients such as Van Cleef & Arpels and hotels to a public space on a cruise ship and now a yacht, the acclaimed Paris-based design firm Jouin Manku has an extraordinary and diverse portfolio. Co-creators Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku share their views on design, discuss their childlike wonder and lust for travel and how they went from designing restaurants and luxury spaces, including the superb Air France Lounge at CDG, to their first yacht commission. They joined the project with exterior design by Azure and archineers.berlin when it was already started to create the interior look of 75 metre Admiral Kenshō, which promises to be one of the most interesting yacht debuts of 2022.

Episode 76: BOAT Briefing – The latest from the Miami International Boat Show

With the Miami International Boat Show in full swing BOAT International’s US Editor, Cecile Gauert, joins the podcast. She shares her thoughts and news from the show, including the hype surrounding the possibility of a yachting metaverse. In the news the team talk about the delivery of 74m Amels Avanti, Damen Yachting’s new 53m support vessel and the sale of a third 80m Bilgin 263. This week’s data also has an American focus and looks at the growth and challenges around the US Global Order Book.

The Big BOAT Interview: Bob Denison, President of Denison Yachting

This week we sit down with Bob Denison, president of the eponymous yacht brokerage company. The Denison name is synonymous with superyachting. Bob's grandfather, Frank, founded Broward Marine in 1948 and went on to build some of the 20th century's best loved yachts. In 2002, Bob took over Denison Yacht Sales and built the company into one of the world's most dynamic brokerage houses, which sold 53 superyachts in 2021, more than any other company. In this interview Bob talks about everything from the asking prices of today's superyachts and dealing with tricky clients, to NFTs and even colourful chinos...

Episode 74: BOAT Briefing - A tribute to a legend of the industry

In this week’s podcast the team pay tribute to charter and brokerage editor Malcolm Maclean, who passed away this week having worked for BOAT for more than 30 years.  They share memories and condolences that have been sent in from across the superyacht community.

In the news they talk about Perini Navi’s return to operation, Oceanco Infinity’s sea trials and the new SeaXplorer 60. The data story looks at far flung destinations and how these places have been impacted by the pandemic.

The Big BOAT Interview: Captain Brendan O'Shannassy

This week we speak to superyacht captain Brendan O'Shannassy, who has taken charge of some of the world's most significant and important yachts for over 20 years. Ahead of the launch of his new book, Superyacht Captain: Life and Leadership in the World’s Most Incredible Industry, he shares the story of how he climbed the ranks from a last-minute appointment as an inexperienced deckhand, and the amazing experiences he's enjoyed along the way – plus pearls of wisdom including how to get anyone to listen to you, and why a bigger boat isn't necessarily better...

Episode 72: BOAT Briefing - Are yards big enough to build the superyachts of the future?

In this week’s episode, the team discuss how a bridge in Rotterdam is set to be dismantled to allow Oceanco’s 127 metre sailing project to pass through and speculate on how other yards may have to adapt as boat builds become bigger. We also talk about Sanlorenzo’s bid to get the first 50 metre using fuel cell technology on the water, the sale of Tankoa Yachts' first T55 Sportiva, and a conversion project that incorporates an open air tennis court. For the data story, we look back at the number of launches in 2021, and how the pandemic has impacted the past three years.

The Big BOAT Interview - Jamie Edmiston, CEO of Edmiston

In this week's interview, Jamie Edmiston sits down with Stewart Campbell, Editor-in-Chief, to discuss the wild ride the superyacht business has been on in the last two years, how he initially resisted joining the family business, and why he's so excited about the potential of the wonder material graphene. Edmiston is a world-renowned brokerage firm established in 1996 by Jamie's father, Nick, which has been involved in some of the biggest transactions in yachting history. Don't forget to tune in on Friday to catch up on all the news from the world of superyachting.

Episode 70: BOAT Briefing - Will this be the best season for charter bookings yet?

In this week’s episode, the team takes a look at an EU-related VAT rule, that’s leading to an increase in superyachts in London. They speculate on if 2022 will be the bumper charter year that’s projected, and share insights on a new trend for long-term bookings, as well as details on a few hot boats to the market.  

In the news, they take a look at the 62m Nobiskrug yacht Project 794; the Baltic 110 by Malcolm McKeon; and the first 33m crossover X-105 superyacht from Dutch yard Holterman Shipyard, named Lady Fleur.  The data story, meanwhile, focuses on how the pandemic has affected the number of visiting yachts around the world. Spoiler alert: some countries fared better than others…

The Big BOAT Interview - Shirish Saraf, the owner of Kalizma

In the first of our Big BOAT Interviews, we speak to Shirish Saraf, owner of the 46-metre classic yacht Kalizma. Formerly owned by Richard Burton, and having hosted stars including Clint Eastwood and Prince Phillip on board, the boat underwent a significant refit throughout the pandemic and is now available to charter. Saraf shares the story of how he bought her, what state she was in, and describes the soul of this bewitching beauty…

Episode 68: BOAT Briefing - The biggest, cheapest boats money can buy

On this week's BOAT Briefing, the team hunt down some amazing deals on the brokerage market, and reveal some big news about the World Superyacht Awards, which are coming to London in May. In the news this week, we discuss Feadship's launch of the 71 metre Juice, a new order for a 65 metre for Royal Hakvoort and the launch of 62 metre Rio by CRN in Ancona. For the data story, we go yacht spotting to see where in the world you can find some of the world's coolest superyachts.

Episode 67: BOAT Briefing - Would you buy a superyacht at auction?

In this week's episode, the team look at price rises on the brokerage market, and pick up on a couple of yachts for sale currently that could go for more than their owners bought them for. There's speculation on who will be brave enough to snap up the partially built 45m Bella T over in South Africa, in an auction that's due to take place on Microsoft Teams, and tales of another bold owner, 32m sailing yacht Elton's Andy Scott. We shine a spotlight on some great new tenders, and bring you all this week's latest news – from a fire at Ferretti's Cattolica shipyard, to a key partnership between the Dutch refit yard Balk, and Chinese investment company Zhongying International. The data story, meanwhile, hones in on yachts above 100m, which are due to be delivered this year.

Episode 66: BOAT Briefing - What it's like to dive to the deepest point in the ocean

This week we catch up with adventurer and superyacht owner Victor Vescovo, who has dived deeper than any other human being. We also discuss the boats that rang in New Year's Eve in St Barths, why watching Below Deck saved Christmas, and the final, and quite incredible, number of brokerage transactions recorded in 2021. In this week's news, meanwhile, we cover The Italian Sea Group's acquisition of Perini Navi and a novel new fully-electric catamaran concept from Rossinavi. In the data story this week, we look at the crew required to staff the growing numbers of superyachts hitting the water.

Episode 65 (part two): BOAT Briefing - How to kit your superyacht out for adventure

With the team still on holiday in this week’s podcast we bring you the “Kitted out for adventure” panel from the Explorer Yacht Summit. To debate what is the essential kit to have on board and how the current trend for more toys and equipment is impacting design, BOAT’s Sophia Wilson was joined by Enrique Tintore, SeaXplorer design manager at Damen Yachting, experienced expedition captain Tom Henshilwood and Craig Barnett, director of sales and marketing at Triton Submarines.

Episode 65: BOAT Briefing - How can superyachts explore more sustainably?

With the team away for the holidays there is the opportunity to catch up on the highly topical “Leave no trace” panel from this year’s Explorer Yacht Summit. BOAT’s Sophia Wilson was joined on stage by Ashley Perrin, owner of Antarctic Ice Pilot, Mark Duncan, director of marketing and business development at Fraser Yachts, founder of Three Sixty Marine Captain Malcolm and Rosie O'Donnell, coordinator at Yachts for Science, to discuss the difficult balance between wanting to explore remote and remarkable environments, while also ensuring they are protected for future generations.

Episode 64: BOAT Briefing - The biggest stories - and best boats - of 2021

In this week's episode of BOAT Briefing, we look back at some of the yachting highlights from 2021, and look ahead to some of the most exciting launches of 2022. We also cover the week's biggest news stories, including the sad yacht fire in Newport, RI that destroyed two yachts, and the announcement that Alinghi and Red Bull have teamed up to launch a new challenge for the America's Cup. The data story covers the year's biggest brokerage deals in what has been a sensational 12 months for the market.

Episode 63: BOAT Briefing - how healthy is the superyacht business?

In this week's BOAT Briefing, we take a deep dive into the Global Order Book, which is our annual survey of the superyacht industry, counting all superyachts in build or on order around the world. We also discuss the growing trend of electric tenders, the auction of giant 120 metre Project Y910, and hear about some outrageous superyacht guest requests. This week's interviewee is legendary superyacht designer Tim Heywood, this year's recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award. Tim discusses some of his best-known projects and why he likes to work alone.

Episode 62: BOAT Briefing - Landing spaceships on superyachts

In this week’s episode, the team discuss which items are top of their Christmas list, and give a run down of the six superyachts currently moored in London. They ask whether superyachts and space travel can ever go hand in hand, and if buying your next boat with cryptocurrency is a wise idea or not.

There’s speculation on whether the ten-year-old Dream Symphony may finally be about to find an owner, and news of Sanlorenzo’s impressive new motor yacht, the 72 Steel. The data story focuses on how this year’s brokerage figures compare to previous years, and you can also listen to Tim Soper, Founding Partner of EYOS Expeditions, Sacha Williams, Director of Charter Marketing at Camper & Nicholsons, and Captain John Crupi of Dorothea III as they discuss exciting new travel frontiers with BOAT’s Sophia Wilson.

Episode 61: BOAT Briefing - This year's biggest new boats, and what's in store for 2022

In this week’s BOAT Briefing the team catch up on the latest superyachts to be spotted in London, look ahead to the biggest deliveries of 2022 and debate their favourite Tim Heywood designed superyacht. We cover the latest news including 126 metre Octopus’ charter schedule, Heesen’s new flagship Galactica and Lady Lene’s interiors. This week’s interview is with Neil Emmott and Dudley Savage from AMIKids, a charity which helps young people create bright futures through yachting.

Episode 60: BOAT Briefing - "The superyacht industry has never had it so good"

In this week's BOAT Briefing, we discuss some key learnings from the recent Explorer Yachts Summit and bring you our impressions of METS in Amsterdam. In the news is Lurssen's recent delivery of the 55 metre Moon Sand, the Feadship explorer Shinkai, which has been spotted on sea trials, and some big brokerage deals. Our data story concerns Dutch superyacht production and we reveal some key insights from the latest Global Order Book. The interview this week is with Lisa Verbit of Bank of America, who specialises in marine finance. She tells us she has never seen a market as active as 2021's...

Episode 59: BOAT Briefing - David Yarrow on photographing big game – and supermodels

In this week's podcast, we sit down with world famous photographer (and favourite of superyacht owners), David Yarrow. We also look forward to a talk by Artefact owner Mike Lazaridis at the upcoming Superyacht Design Festival, and discuss some of the boats entering this year's Top 101 list. We also get some great news from the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and rundown the top five largest explorer yachts.

Episode 58: BOAT Briefing – Why do people buy superyachts?

Editor-in-chief Stewart Campbell speaks to Dr Phil Klaus and Dr Annalisa Tarquini from the University of Monaco, who have undertaken the first ever academic study of the study into the superyacht owner experience.

Meanwhile the team also discuss the standout superyachts at FLIBS and the challenges facing young designers entering the industry. They also catch up on the latest news from the Perini Navi bidding war and Project Phi’s journey to sea trials.

Episode 57: BOAT Briefing – Is the Red Sea ripe for a superyacht invasion?

This week the team discuss the yacht that Richard Burton bought Elizabeth Taylor, Kalizmah, and her exciting new refit; and travel editor Georgia Boscawen interviews Martin Enckell, one of the co-founders of Nansen Polar Expeditions, who she joined onboard the 72m expedition vessel Nansen Explorer in Iceland. There’s news of a 127m yacht rumoured to belong to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos; Van de Valk’s new “explorer-type” motor yacht, Lady Lene; and a highly-customised steel 50m currently in build at Heesen.

Episode 56: BOAT Briefing – How do you encourage more female captains on board?

In this episode the team discuss architect Renzo Piano's latest yacht design, MY Zattera, consider the future of the yacht-office hybrid and catch up on the latest yachts being used in The Crown. They also discuss Benetti’s latest launch, Rosetti's Emocean and an eye-catching sailing yacht concept from DynaRig. The interview is with Captain Kelly Gordon of 32m Freddy, who swapped the chemistry lab for a life on superyachts and is passionate about encouraging more women to follow in her footsteps.

Episode 55: BOAT Briefing - Crazy superyacht concepts – for or against?

In this week's episode of BOAT Briefing, we discuss some of the exciting speakers at the upcoming Explorer Yachts Summit and Life Under Sail events and debate the value of crazy superyacht concepts. News this week focusses around the launch of Oceanco's giant new 117 metre superyacht Y719, and Feadship's new custom explorer Shinkai. We also sit down with Inmarsat's Peter Broadhurst to discuss how the expedition yacht boom is driving innovation in the satcom sector.

Episode 54: BOAT Briefing – The biggest stories from the Monaco Yacht Show!

In this week's BOAT Briefing, the team reflect on the Monaco Yacht Show and bring you some of their personal highlights, as well as all the biggest stories from the event and beyond, including news that Turquoise Yachts will build Turkey's biggest ever superyacht, Lurssen's new order for a 103 metre, details on the upcoming auction of a 120 metre yacht, and the latest on Perini Navi. We also delve in the data behind this year's event and reveal a few numbers showing how the show has grown since its launch in 1991.

Episode 53: BOAT Briefing – can Beyonce get away with wearing high heels on teak?

In this episode of BOAT Briefing the team build up for the Monaco Yacht Show and delve into the best yachts that will be on display. They also discuss the latest news on private residential yacht projects Njord and Somnio, consider IJE’s place in the most expensive yachts on the market and debate Beyoncé’s on-board footwear etiquette. This week’s data story focuses on superyacht production in Italy, while the interview is with the captain of 60m Perini Navi Seahawk, that has been undertaking philanthropic endeavours in the Galapagos.

Episode 52: BOAT Briefing with the owners of 39.6 metre charter sensation All Inn

The team catch up after a busy week at the World Superyacht Awards and the Cannes Yachting Festival. They discuss the standout yachts in Cannes, including the divisive Wally Why200, and ponder what should be the greeting etiquette at yacht shows post COVID. In the news; Sanlorenzo partners with Siemens, the devastating fire on board Siempre and what attracted Formula One champion Fernando Alonso to commission a 60 Sunreef Power. The interview is with dynamic design duo and owners of Westport All Inn, Ann and David Sutherland.

Episode 51: BOAT Briefing - Exploring extreme waters with the owner of Grey Wolf

On this week’s BOAT Briefing, the team discuss the new series of Netflix’s The Crown, complete with Royal Yacht Britannia, and share top tips on how to get your refit done faster and smoother. There’s news of Freire’s new 105m expedition yacht, designed inside and out by Bannenberg & Rowell; Heesen’s “muscular” new 55m Apollo; and the first 100 Sunreef Power Catamaran, which has just launched in Gdansk, Poland. In the data story, we’re looking at long-term deliveries of yachts over 24 metres, while the interview is with adventurous owner-operator Peter Watson, of the 26 metre functional powerboat Grey Wolf.

Episode 50: BOAT Briefing - What was it like to restore classic 32m Sea Breeze III?

It’s the 50th BOAT Briefing since the podcast launched, so in this week’s episode the team reflect on some of their favourite highlights so far. In the news, there’s details of Espen Øino’s new 79.5m Silver Edge; official details of the Nobiskrug shipyard takeover; and an exciting new 127m explorer concept from the Harrison Eidsgaard studio, complete with a helicopter landing pad cum squash court. We also debate the merits of vinyl wrapping your boat instead of painting it, place our bets on this year’s World Superyacht Award winners, and look at data on the impressive number of 50m+ yachts being delivered this year.

Episode 49: BOAT Briefing - What it's like to pilot a superyacht in the Antarctic

In this week’s BOAT Briefing the team discuss the top yachting cities and a sudden owner boom in Australia. They ponder which vessels might suit Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher, who recently expressed an interest in hitting the water himself, with a fitting name: Mega Mega White Thing. In the headlines; a new 44.1m sailing catamaran by Wider and Pajot Custom Yachts, some big listings including the 72m Azteca and the 24m pocket explorer Livingstone, plus new images of 115m Lürssen superyacht Enzo, formerly known as Project Testarossa. The data story focuses on the world’s biggest boats, and analyses the current fleet of 100m+, while the interview is with expert ice pilot Ashley Perrin.

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