Bering Yachts

Bering Yachts designs and builds some of the safest semi-custom, steel-hulled expedition yachts and luxury trawler yachts ranging in size from 20m (65ft) to 45m (145ft).

Through all phases of the process – concept, design, engineering and construction – Bering vessels are the result of an experienced team of in-house architects, engineers and craftsmen who pay attention to every detail and abide by the highest standards. Bering Yachts employ over 100 skilled craftsmen in our modern shipbuilding facility in Antalya, Turkey. Structural steel and aluminum construction along with system redundancy and proven commercial-grade components make Bering yachts capable, reliable, comfortable and seaworthy.

Bering Yachts   44.2 m •  2022
Bering Yachts   38 m •  2024
Bering Yachts   37.43 m •  2024
Bering Yachts   28.9 m •  2022
Bering Yachts   26.6 m •  2024
Bering Yachts   25 m •  2016