EYOS Expeditions

EYOS Expeditions pioneered the expedition yachting industry over a decade ago. Formed as an assemblage of widely respected experts with extensive first-hand knowledge across the full spectrum of specialties and geographies, EYOS has provided unmatched support to private clients, companies of all sizes, conservation organizations, scientists and governments.

Over the years, EYOS has redefined what is possible for yacht owners and charterers, whether pioneering fly in/out yacht expeditions of the Antarctic Peninsula, leading minimal impact helicopter assisted ski touring of the southern continent, or offering the first commercial dives to the Mariana Trench.

Expeditions led by EYOS have set numerous records navigating further south than any other vessel, diving to the five deepest points of our planet’s oceans, discovering dozens of new species's, and conquering the Northwest Passage in the largest vessel yet to make the transit.

By partnering with Damen Yachting in the development of SeaXplorer, EYOS distilled its wealth of real-world experience both above and below the water into a superyacht of unmatched capability.

With its unrivaled global reach, expertise and track record, EYOS continues to be the unvarying choice for those seeking the ultimate expedition experience.