Golden Yachts

Established in 1996 in Greece, Golden Yachts has become synonymous with revolutionising superyacht construction, leading the forefront of the global superyacht landscape. Golden Yachts boasts a portfolio of acclaimed projects and continually pushes the boundaries of luxury yacht construction, meticulously built with dedication, exceeding expectations in performance, comfort and quality.

Notable yachts

Notable projects include the 85-metre O'Ptasia (2018) and the 95-metre O'Pari (2022). The 88-metre Golden Yachts Project X, delivered in 2022, won at the Design and Innovation Awards in the Best Lifestyle Feature category for its innovative beach club. The company's new build projects include the 78-metre Malia and the refits of the 60-metre O'Eva and the 35-metre O'Neiro and O'Riana. Golden Yachts' investment in successful designs, such as the GY60 and the GY65, responds to positive market perception, serving as a solid foundation for upcoming projects catering to diverse client preferences.

Golden Yachts   94.6 m •  2020
Golden Yachts   87.6 m •  2022
Golden Yachts   84.73 m •  2018
Golden Yachts   77.7 m •  2023
Golden Yachts   71.85 m •  2015
Golden Yachts   57 m •  2018
Golden Yachts   53.54 m •  2010
Golden Yachts   52.7 m •  2008
Golden Yachts   45.5 m •  2017
Golden Yachts   39.5 m •  2011
Golden Yachts   36.13 m •  2023
Golden Yachts   32.96 m •  2023