Gunboat began in 2002 to build comfortable, family-friendly, fast cruising catamarans that utilized the latest in race boat technology. At that time, the cruising catamaran market was composed of comfortable cruisers that typically weren’t great performers. On the other end of the spectrum, the performance world had embraced multihulls, with one world record after another falling to maxi racing catamarans. The synthesis of cruising and high-performance multihulls was a revolution, and a new luxury performance market segment was born.

Through 15+ years of head-turning designs, enviable cruising speeds, and regatta performance, Gunboat established the gold standard for luxury performance catamarans - Grand Prix monohull performance, with the space, comfort, and volume of a cat, and the seaworthiness to handle the toughest blue water passages.

Under the ownership of Grand Large Yachting since 2016, Gunboat continues to innovate and lead the market. The all-new Gunboat 68 incorporates generations of owner experience and exciting partnerships to deliver more seaworthiness, luxury, and performance, built by an expert team and with the sound financial backing of the GLY parent company. Production is taking place in new state-of-the-art facilities in La Grande Motte, France, with the first Gunboat 68 having launched in early 2019!

The exclusive fleet of over 30 Gunboats (spanning 48ft - 90ft) cruise and race in many parts of the world, a private but close-knit family of globe-trotting owners and crew who altogether have sailed over two million sea miles. The collective experience, knowledge gained from working with premier designers, and years of refinement and innovation push us to ever improve and evolve the market segment we created – which translates into great sailing and fun and adventure! We’re passionate about the Gunboat experience and dedicated to providing ongoing support and Gunboat events for our growing community.

Gunboat   27.43 m •  2010
Gunboat   24.65 m •  2023
Gunboat   24.65 m •  2024
Gunboat   24 m •  2017