Mazu Yachts

Mazu Yachts has been designing and producing Superyachts and Tenders Since 2011. Our boats are known for their SeaWorthiness, Performance, and Timeless Designs. We are one of the few brands that can fully customize its vessel individually and build each model tailor-made to her stylish owners. We are at the Mazu Yachts, spending a tremendous amount of time getting to know our customers, their needs, and lifestyles on each project from scratch to completion to create the best product which fulfills their needs and desires.

Located at the Heart of the Marmara Sea, Altınova shipyard district in the Yalova province. State-of-the-art Shipyard facility of 7000 sq.m indoor and 3000 sq.m outdoor spaces accommodates offices, a gymnasium, carpentry shops, paint booths, dry docking, and conditioning systems for creating an anti-dust environment. As an Art Lover family, our shipyard accommodates a 500 sq.m art gallery on site together with a restaurant to welcome our clients artistically. Our shipyard can produce only up to 10 boats a year. It is not because we proceed slowly but because it takes so much attention and cares to build custom boats like Mazu Yachts. For this reason that is why you won’t find Mazu on the shelf because she is tailored only to her elegant and stylish owners.

Tender Series and Displacement Series are the two Divisions under Mazu Yachts Brand. Tender Series models made it out of Carbon Composite Hulls and Open Motor Yachts with Superyacht Tender qualities. The Range of the Tender Series varies between 38 & 82 feet. Displacement Series are made out of Steel Hull and Composite Superstructure and designed for Long Range Cruising and offer ample interior and exterior spaces on Board. The selections of the DS Series models are 92,112, and 132. The entry model 92 DS is the first Steel Yacht built and equipped with IPS propulsion in the World. (expected to debut at Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows in September 2023)

Mazu Yachts   28.45 m •  2023
Mazu Yachts   24.5 m •  2020