Ship and superyacht builder Piriou specialises in constructing commercial fishing, research, supply and military vessels, but recently added luxury explorer yachts to its portfolio. Luxury yacht builder Piriou operates shipyards in France, Africa and Vietnam.

History of Piriou

Superyacht builder Piriou opened in 1965. Headquartered in Concarneau, France, the shipyard specialises in building and repairing traditional and commercial fishing vessels through the 1980s. In the following decade, the shipyard diversified its products to include larger trawlers and oil-rig supply vessels. During a period of expansion from 2001-2005, ship builder Piriou established shipyards in Mauritius, Nigeria and Vietnam, along with a research and development facility in Poland.

Notable Piriou Yachts

In 2012, superyacht builder Piriou announced that they had an order in place to construct a luxury explorer yacht. In 2015, the shipyard launched the 76.6M custom luxury explorer yacht Yersin from its facility in Concarneau. Superyacht Yersin is classified Cleanship for environmentally aware operations, ICE IC due to a reinforced hull, and Passenger Class, which allows the luxury yacht to accommodate up to 18 passengers and 18 crew.

Specialisations of Piriou

French ship and superyacht builder Piriou constructs large commercial, military and leisure vessels from steel and other metals. The Piriou Group also provides refit and repair services at their three shipyards.

Piriou   76.6 m •  2015
Piriou   42.64 m •  2023