Fintech provider Voly, is the only multi-currency accounting software solution, with a fully integrated Voly Prepaid Mastercard and FX Payment Platform, created specifically for the yachting and multi-asset industry. Providing financial management for yacht captains, crew, family offices and management companies.

Its FX Payment Platform allows users an integrated, multi-currency service to make payments in 37 currencies directly on the Voly Platform.

Voly has enhanced security features allowing clients to manage the finances of their assets in a safe and secure environment. Accredited with the internationally recognised ISO 27001 Management Standard, Voly is a fully encrypted platform with 2-factor authentication upon login and on every transaction. Set bespoke permissions and limits for every user and every payment with beneficiary validation to help avoid fraudulent activity.

Having successfully passed the 600 fleet landmark, Voly continues to push ahead with its comprehensive growth strategy, winning awards for “Best Superyacht Software” and “Best Crew Technology in 2021".

First class experiences are created by high calibre crew who are equipped with superior financial management tools.

Voly allows captain and crew to record expenditure on the go, in real-time and produce automated reports with minimum hassle.

Key Features of Voly - Accounting Platform, Mobile app & Prepaid Mastercard:

· Designed to improve visibility and increase efficiencies

· Saves captains and crew 75% of financial admin time

· Track operational spend in real-time

· Run multiple reports automatically

· Integrated FX payment platform

· Manage charters with Voly APA

· Process payments in 37 currencies at competitive rates

· High levels of financial data security