Project Neptune

8 hours
500 m

Triton has teamed up with British car marque Aston Martin to create the ultimate luxury submersible. This sporty offering is the first of its kind and the result of meticulous attention to detail taking both engineering and style to the next level.

In developing Project Neptune’s propulsion system, both teams were challenged to create a sub that dives as an Aston Martin drives, that is, with a level of comfort and power never before seen on a submersible. The result is a vessel that balances fine-grained precision and performance with agility and supreme style. Unlike typical Triton submersibles, Project Neptune has been engineered to tilt as it dives and carve sweeping arcs as it turns, echoing the effortless movements of a sports car. And while a top speed of five knots might not sound like much, Project Neptune offers four times the acceleration of Triton’s flagship 3300/3 submarine.

The perfect balance of form and function, its streamlined exterior takes design cues from Aston Martin's limited-production Valkyrie hypercar, encasing Triton's bulbous spherical pressure hull. On the outside, an exposed carbon fibre wing offers a striking visual reference to its outstanding performance; on the inside guests are cossetted in surroundings with carbon fibre trim and seats crafted from handstitched leather. 

Weighing 4,200kg and standing just 1.9 metres tall, Project Neptune is compact enough to slot into a tender garage with ease or can even be positioned on deck in pride of place. Project Neptune also offers owners access to Aston Martin’s bespoke Q division for the ultimate level of personalisation so each submersible is one of a kind. Colour options include morning frost white, zaffre blue, sea storm, quantum silver, diavolo red, lime essence.



  • NameProject Neptune


  • Length4.1 m
  • Width2.85 m
  • Height1.9 m


  • Endurance8 hours
  • Depth500 m
  • Speed5 knots
  • Life SupportOxygen + CO2 Scrubber


  • Guests2
  • Pilot1