Triton 13000/2

12 hours
4000 m
Dry Weight
12000 kg

One of the latest additions to Triton’s bourgeoning fleet of high-performance submersibles is the deep-diving 13000/2 Titanic Explorer. This advanced model is the only acrylic submersible commercially certified for dives in excess of 3,900 metres – enough to pay a visit to its namesake shipwreck.

Its distinctive Gull Wing design offers unrivalled versatility and ease of use. With the wings retracted, the submersible is perfectly streamlined for ascent and descent, its hydrodynamic shape reaching 13,000ft in less than two hours. A compact footprint means the sub is easily stowed too.

Fully deployed, the model flaunts an impressive six-metre wingspan, allowing the sub to propel gently upwards and away from the seabed with minimal disturbance to the delicate sea life that lies deep beneath the waves. There is also a midway position where the wings are partially deployed, enabling the submersible’s smart Silent Glide mode where it can track and follow objects and glide towards points of interest without engaging its thrusters. The wings are paired with ultra-fine grain control for precise manoeuvring allowing multiple subs to rendezvous without fear of bumping wings.

Perfect for filmmakers, scientists and surveyors alike, the Triton 13000/2 Titanic Explorer features a professional inbuilt lighting rig across its entire wingspan. Powerful LED’s illuminate the seafloor, dramatically increasing visibility, while cameras can be placed at the tips of the wing for those looking to capture the magic of this unexplored world on film. Pictures are crystal clear with zero distortion too, so it's no surprise Triton hulls are the preferred choice among filmmakers.

In some instances, there may only be a short window in which to launch - something that Triton learned during their work on BBC docuseries Blue Planet II. Taking their new-found knowledge, they developed Direct Dive which allows the submersible to launch “heavy” and begin the dive immediately from the second it touches the water. This simplified launch procedure allows for more time spent below the waves.



  • NameTriton 13000/2


  • Length4.45 m
  • Width2.75 m
  • Height3 m
  • Weight12000 kg


  • Endurance12 hours
  • Depth4000 m
  • Speed3 knots
  • Life SupportOxygen + CO2 Scrubber


  • Guests1
  • Pilot1