Sailors from the 6 America's Cup teams discuss the competition
SoftBank Team Japan have their say

Dean Barker, skipper for newcomers SoftBank Team Japan, on their competition:

“The standard of racing is going to be incredibly high, with Oracle Team USA the benchmark… We can be competitive but it’s going to be tough.”

“In the World Series previously, with the boats non-foiling it was all very exciting. Now with them foiling it’s going to double the excitement level. It will be phenomenal and a lot of fun. If we know that we’re sailing the boat well and feel fast then we can come away feeling pretty happy.”

Chris Draper, sailing director of SoftBank Team Japan:

“We are not here to make up the numbers.”

About Groupama Team France

Franck Cammas, skipper of Groupama Team France, on their ambitions:

“Groupama Team France is now in full working order to attack the Cup and its competitors, who rank among the best in the world. What drives us is winning the toughest competition, going from one stage to the next and the striving for excellence. In sailing, the apex is the Cup.”

Yves Lagane, President of the Yacht Club de France, which is the registered club for Groupama Team France, talks about the latest edition of the America’s Cup"

“The new America’s Cup rules do not destroy the spirit of an event going back 164 years. This extraordinary technological revolution brought about by foiling boats is something that nobody saw coming... This new development will enable the action to be brought closer to the shore. All this is a real boon for the competition, which has always been at the very cutting edge of technology and is often the test bed for tomorrow’s practice.

Andy Rice, Boat International’s expert America’s Cup commentator, whilst rating all six teams ahead of the America's Cup World Series:

"It would be a surprise to see Groupama Team France finish better than last. Although Franck Cammas is one of the most celebrated sailors in France, the helmsman and his team are only scheduled to start sailing on the Solent on 20 July. They are going to be learning the ropes as they go, and are unlikely to be as smooth around the tight race track as their more practised rivals."

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On Landrover BAR

Sir Ben Ainslie, Land Rover BAR, on racing in Portsmouth:

“The speeds will be 40 to 50 mph… coming in to the first turning mark together. That is something people will never have experienced before, and that close to the water it will be a fantastic spectacle. It will be a lot of fun both on and off the water."

David Carr, sailing for Land Rover BAR, on their chances of winning:

“As a sailing team, we’re ready to go. It really is the ultimate line-up of sailors and there’s just no way you’re not going to be taking it to the limit. Do I think we can win it? Yes, we can. But I think all the other six teams can as well.”

On Emirates Team New Zealand

Peter Burling, captain of Emirates Team New Zealand, talking about his competition:

“It doesn't matter who we are sailing against. There is always a big deal made up of the personal match ups of the skippers. For us it’s just another boat with some other guys on board that we want to sail better than. Once the gun goes, talk and hype is irrelevant, it’s who is the best one the water on any given race, they walk away with the goods. Not much else matters really”

Glenn Ashby, Sailing Director of Emirates Team New Zealand, discussing the World Series this weekend:

“I think it will be absolutely full-out, I don’t think there will be anyone holding back. This event will effectively be the first foiling fleet race of an America’s Cup World Series – or ever, basically! There could be some different manoeuvres and people trying different things. I think this first event could be one of the most exciting AC45 World Series events ever seen!”

From the men behind Artemis Racing

Torbjorn Tornquist, Artemis Racing owner:

“I feel a moral responsibility to fight to make this cup accessible.”

Iain Percy, captain of Artemis Racing, on friend and rival Ben Ainslie:

“There are probably some lines that me and Ben (Ainslie) would never cross with each other because of our longstanding [friendship] but in terms of wanting to beat each other, I am sure we are equally passionate about going out there and doing all we can.”

Paul Goodison, Artemis Racing team member and Olympic sailor, discussing the race in Portsmouth:

“We’ve got an amazingly talented squad with a number of Olympic medals that have all come from a fleet racing background so I think that probably plays into Artemis’s hands. It’ll be exciting to watch. Everybody is focusing all their efforts really strong and hard on getting a result here. The intensity is ramping up. Everyone wants to win here”

About Defenders Oracle Team USA

Kinley Fowler, trimmer for Defenders of the America’s Cup title, Oracle Team USA, on racing the America's Cup World Series in Portsmouth:

“There’s a lot of history here. It’s great that there’s such a push from everyone in England to get the Cup back. It’s crazy to hear how excited people are... It definitely gives you a boost when you’re sailing close to the shore and you can hear the crowd cheering you.”


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