8 facts you didn’t know about Oceanco’s massive new yacht building shed

It can hold 31 tennis courts

Superyacht builder Oceanco has opened a massive new facility. Just how massive? We could rattle off facts and figures until we’re blue in the face, but instead the Dutch builder that regularly delivers some of the world’s largest yachts has provided Boat International with these fun facts that puts the size of its huge new yacht building facility into perspective.

The new dry dock measures 156 metres long by 52 metres wide. If Oceanco ever tires of building boats, they could host a tennis tournament as 31 tennis courts could span this surface area.

The volume is as much as 21 Olympic-size pools

The new Oceanco building shed holds 52.5 million litres of water. Or to put it in perspective, it would take a whopping 21 Olympic-size swimming pools to fill up the new Oceanco building shed.

It takes 11 hours to fill with water

Be prepared to be patient – it takes 11 hours to fill the new Oceanco building shed with all that water!

It's where the largest yacht in The Netherlands is being finished

The first yacht to emerge from the new Oceanco facility is the largest yacht to be built in The Nethrlands, the 110 metre Oceanco Project Y714 Jubilee. See the video below of Jubilee when she was first splashed, making an exit from her old shed.

It used 530 truckloads of cement during the build

It takes a lot of concrete to build a 333 metre-high building like the new Oceanco facility – 8,000 cubic metres to be exact. That is equal to 530 truckloads of concrete.

It takes just six hours to transform the climate inside

A neat trick of the new Oceanco yacht building shed is that it can be heated or cooled to whatever temperature is needed. It takes only six hours to heat up the voluminous shed from -10 Celsius to +21 Celsius, changing the shed’s climate completely.

There are zero lightbulbs in the shed

You might be surprised to learn there isn’t a single lightbulb used in the entire Oceanco facility. No, they aren’t building yachts in the dark. Oceanco tells us that instead of lightbulbs the shed is lit by LEDs.

200 canvases make up this mural on the fifth floor

With lots of concrete and scaffolding, a building shed can be a stark place. Oceanco remedied this by including a colourful mural on the 5th floor of its facility, looking down over the yacht in build below. The art work measures 2.5 metres wide by 20 metres long and is made up of 200 individual canvases which were painted by local school children and Oceanco staff.

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