6 signs you're addicted to building superyachts


On to the next one

The surest sign of a superyacht-building addiction is one that is all too familiar to many owners. Picture the scene: you’re enjoying the launch party for your new yacht, it’s all very exciting and wonderful, Champagne and confetti as far as the eye can see. On the outside you’re beaming with pride, but inside secretly you’re thinking: “Next time we’ll try…”

Whether it’s adding more decks, experimenting with a new engine configuration or going larger and joining the ranks of the Top 200 largest yachts in the world, if as soon as you’re done with one yacht, you’re already dreaming of the next one – perhaps before that first yacht has even hit the water – you’re probably addicted to building superyachts.


You have your captain on speed dial

Your captain is number one on your speed dial. Or maybe it’s your designer, project manager or all three. If you’re a hands-on owner, there’s a good chance you’ve had more deep and meaningful conversations with your yacht’s designers and your build captain recently than most of your friends – and maybe your own family.

Perhaps you look to your captain for his views on ideal superyacht design. And if it’s a captain or designer you’ve been working with a long time on multiple projects, chances are they know you better than some of your friends and family do and can anticipate your wishes and deftly communicate these to the yard.

If you have a very close and nearly psychic connection with anyone on your build team, you’re probably addicted to building superyachts.


You dream in general arrangements

If all of your free time is spent thinking about yachts – décor, best layouts for a yacht and why you should customise your yacht tender – there’s a good chance you’re in the midst of a custom yacht build. Your iPad is full of pictures of yacht interiors, you have a folder full of torn-out pages of Boat International and your brain is swimming with ideas non-stop.

If you wake up in the night dreaming about general arrangements, you might be addicted to building superyachts.


You know your way around a shipyard

You’re what they call an “enthusiast". You’ve been to the yard so many times during the build you might as well move in, or build a villa nearby at least. You might’ve even chosen the yard you’re building with because of its location.

Not satisfied with merely enjoying the beautiful end product, you want to know how it all happens behind the scenes – from how superyacht diesel engines work to interior installations – and see it all come together in person. You know being at the yard is where you can see the inner workings of your build, and it's where you need to be to make important decisions.

You’re probably addicted to superyacht building if you spend so much time at the yard that you start to know all of the staff on a first name basis.


You’re a bit of a yacht geek, and that’s okay

You understand superyacht hull design and know the difference between custom, semi-custom and platform yachts. Most importantly, you know what you want for your next build. You’re up on the latest engine news, technology and sail plan trends. You’re a bit of yacht “geek”, and you aren’t afraid to show it.

If yacht construction techniques inspire your build choices, there’s a good chance you’re addicted to building superyachts.


You ask yourself: what have I learned?

The best thing about being a serial superyacht owner is the experience gleaned from each build that’s come before. With each yacht, you ask yourself, what have I learned? What can be improved for next time?

Whether it’s adding more staterooms to fit an ever-growing family and are looking to design a yacht for children on board, or just noting small innovations to make time on board more comfortable, you’ve had a good think on your wish list and are assured that the next build will be the best. And the last.

Until next time, of course….