5 reasons to charter superyacht Daydream in Norway


Daydream is the perfect floating hotel

If you’re looking for a luxury yacht charter with a difference this season then discovering the Norwegian fjords by superyacht could be just the thing. 43 metre Christensen yacht Daydream has spent six seasons cruising Norway’s stunning waterways – here her captain Damion Moses explains why she’s the ideal charter yacht for the region.

Daydream is the perfect floating hotel

There’s so much to do in Norway but the landscape means it can take a long time to get anywhere by road. The best mode of transport is boat but to have the convenience of a floating hotel like Daydream makes things so much easier. You can do all the activities on shore then come back to the yacht to relax and unwind and have some gourmet food for you by the chef without any long journeys or hassle. It’s those kinds of things that you’re not going to get in the fjords if you were to stay on land.


Her experienced crew can create expert itineraries

The crew make a big difference on any yacht charter. Myself and Daydream’s chef Andy have been in Norway for quite a few seasons now and we really know the area. I know where the good anchorages are and which activities are the best and Andy definitely knows where to source the freshest local produce to help you make the most of your Norway experience.

Summers are short here but the days are long so if you’ve got that energy to go and do something it means you have more time to fit it all in. There are far more activities in Norway than in more traditional Med destinations and if you’ve got that drive the long day means you can do so much more.


Daydream is well equipped for Norway’s unpredictable weather

There’s no denying that the weather in Norway can be far less predictable than in more common Mediterranean yachting destinations. We really do get four seasons in one day here but Daydream has a lot of enclosed spaces, for example, on the main aft deck and the flybridge, to cope with this. Of course, there are lots of outdoor areas for good weather too but in a place where you don’t always know exactly what the weather will be like she’s a really versatile yacht.


She’s ideal for families

Active charterers who don’t mind the occasional spot of rain are ideal for Norway so it's great that Daydream is one of the best family-friendly luxury yachts for charter. We’re really good at catering for children and I try and get to know each family before I put together an itinerary so I can suggest trips that work for all ages. I do tend to go for the more active itineraries and I’m really keen to try and get people - especially children - off the ship so they don’t get bored and can try new things, meet Norwegians and enjoy the amazing nature of the area.

Plus, because everywhere is sheltered by the fjords, it means the water is always calm so we can put the toys in the water anywhere and you’re never rolling around on an anchorage. We can go diving too but it’s a different type of diving from elsewhere – you’re more likely to go rig diving or diving for scallops.


Privacy is guaranteed

Having use of the yacht 24/7 means that you have access to the spots no-one else can get to. There are so many private anchorages and places the cruise ships can’t go because they’re too big so you often have the entire bay to yourself. The level of privacy in unparalleled and you just won’t get that any other way.

Daydream is available for charter with Ocean Independence with a weekly rate of €89,000. Daydream is also listed for sale.