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Luxury yacht charter in St Lucia

28 September 2015By Sophia Heath

A luxury yacht charter in St Lucia offers some of the most scenic cruising of all Caribbean charters. The island’s rugged green peaks and warm tropical seas make a superyacht charter in St Lucia an unforgettable experience.  Luxury yacht charters in St Lucia tend to stay on the western leeward side of the island where excellent marinas and snug coves make for a comfortable trip as you explore the lush interior and the azure waters.

One of the highlights of a luxury yacht charter in Saint Lucia is the island’s abundant sea life making it a great place to tick off bucket list dives and enjoy some of the world’s best fishing.

Chartering a superyacht in Saint Lucia will also allow you to explore the islands soaring volcanic peaks that have a wealth of attractions, from sulphur hot springs, to waterfalls and even a drive-in volcano. And of course no luxury yacht charter in St Lucia is complete without taking in the 2000ft twin Pitons.

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How to get to St Lucia: St Lucia is has two international airports — Hewanorra International Airport and George F. L. Charles Airport. Hewanorra is the larger airport and was originally used as a military airfield by the United States Army Air Forces Sixth Air Force. It is possible to fly direct to Hewanorra from London and numerous American and Canadian destinations. George F. L. Charles Airport predominantly offers flights to other Caribbean destinations. It is possible to charter a private jet to both islands.

Currency in St Lucia: The official currency of St Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, however American dollar are also widely accepted.

Language in St Lucia: The official language is English but St Lucians speak a French Creole which is known as Patois.

Timezone in St Lucia: GMT -4

Customs, immigration and visas in St Lucia: America, Australian, Canadian and European Union citizens do not require a visa to visit St Lucia but should have proof of either a return flight or their planned departure from the country. Some other countries do still require a visa for St Lucia and it is recommended to check with your specific embassy.

Departure and other taxes in St Lucia: There is a Departure tax of EC$68 which is usually applied to plane tickets at time of purchase. An additional US$35 will also be added to the ticket price as an Airport Development Tax.

The Pitons are a famous tourist attraction in St Lucia Picture courtesy of Esposito Photography/Shutterstock

Medical considerations if you are chartering a superyacht in St Lucia: It is recommended that you avoid being bitten by mosquitos in St Lucia especially as there have been cases of the Chikungunya virus and Dengue Fever. Although healthcare in St Lucia is good, serious illness or accidents may require emergency evacuation. It is recommended that you always travel with health insurance.