5 ways to stay fit and healthy during your charter vacation



Tone up your muscles, unwind in a sauna, enjoy clean eating, and do it all while enjoying world-class cuisine and experiencing new places. It’s all possible aboard a luxury yacht charter, where wellness and decadence work together – be inspired by our tips for the perfect healthy charter vacation.

1. Facilities

Whatever you’re accustomed to in your own gym routine, you’ll find it on a charter yacht – or with a beach run on shore. Space is sometimes limited depending on the size of the yacht, so check with your charter agent about what specific equipment is available, but you can expect the best gear.

Beyond the basic equipment, most fitness areas and superyacht gyms not only have spectacular views, but hammams and even a spa pool to ease achy muscles. Some offer sliding doors for fresh air to waft in, while others are set in the beach club so you can cool off with a quick swim in the sea right after a workout.



Modern yacht crew are multi-talented, so you may have an experienced personal trainer to work with you to tone up, slim down and get your wellness fix on board your superyacht.

Complementing the actual physical training are crew with massage training as well as yoga or pilates experience. You can even do Zumba workouts, complete with booming music! If there is an extra cabin aboard, you might want to bring your own trainer to tailor your fitness program or plan a week-long regimen. There are also many companies and brokerage houses today offering the full retreat experience – flying in the top yoga teachers, meditation masters and gurus to bring Zen your way. Check with your charter broker for details on the various crew talents and specialists available for hire.



If there is only one word to describe luxury yacht charter chefs, it has to be “flexible” – most of them have dealt with some outrageous charter guest requests. Need a gluten-free or dairy-free diet? Same for alkaline, vegan and even trendy diets like the Whole30.

Just let your charter broker know on the preference sheet, and you’ll enjoy gourmet diet meals.

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Water Toys

Even though you’ll have a wellness centre aboard, don’t forget that you’re floating in Mother Nature’s exercise area. Taking a swim daily, regardless of whether it’s snorkelling or diving, is a total-body workout that can buff up your arms and back  while burning calories at the same time. Swimming is good for your cardio as well as your metabolism.

Then you have superyacht water toys such as the stand-up paddle boards, which are excellent for your upper body strength as well as your balance. Or you can take a more stable kayak and explore a beautiful anchorage, which is equally good exercise. Your crew will keep an eye on you, and bring you bottled water and encouragement regularly.



Many charter destinations are notable for exceptional onshore spas, such as the Guanahani Spa by Clarins on St. Barts, while the British Virgin Islands have world-class spas at Peter Island, Scrub Bay and Little Dix Bay. In the Med, the Côte d’Azur is dotted with luxurious spas such as Hotel Cap Eden Roc near Antibes or Harmonice in Nice. While some charter yachts boast expansive spa areas on board, your captain can arrange your reservations and organise your transportation for an on-land experience.

Whether your goal is tightening up your abs or simply feeling refreshed, there is a perfect charter yacht for your needs.