Bimini superyacht charter

21 January 2015

Bimini yacht charter

North and South Bimini (plus a few smaller islets and cays) make up one of the best destinations in the Bahamas if you like fishing; these islands are on a major route for migrating fish and currently have 50 record-setting catches. Fishermen have come here for years (like Hemingway) in search of wahoo, sailfish such as marlin, tuna and shark. But if you want to simply take it easy and relax, there are several stunning beaches, the atmosphere is very laid back and you won’t find any crowds. You can enjoy watersports with a backdrop of lush palms and flowers on Tiki Hut Beach, or unwind on the long empty white sand of Bimini Bay.

Bimini lies just 50 miles from Florida and it’s a short hop by plane to the airstrip in South Bimini. But it’s not just fishing and proximity to the US that has made Bimini so popular – it boasts some of the clearest waters in the Bahamas, with visibility of over 100-feet. Around the islands, several shipwrecks make for excellent snorkelling and diving; and you’ll find corals, bright tropical fish as well as conch and lobster throughout the islands. The seas around Bimini are also home to some very friendly spotted dolphins – it’s possible to take a tender trip out to swim with them – they are wild, but very used to human contact.

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