3 days enjoying Bimini on a luxury yacht

days enjoying Bimini on a luxury yacht

“Swim, eat, drink, work, read, talk, read, fish, fish, swim, drink, sleep.” That’s how former resident Ernest Hemingway described life on the islands of Bimini. It sounds like the perfect escape from Miami to us, especially when that escapism is all only 50 miles away. Here’s our itinerary for three idyllic days in the Caribbean.

Day 1

Depart Miami in good time for a noon arrival at Bimini; an airport on South Bimini lets you join your yacht there if time is tight. Now rejuvenate. They say the magnesium-, lithium- and sulphur-rich water which bubbles from a spring makes Healing Hole at Bonefish Creek a natural spa pool. Even if not, a swim among the mangroves makes Miami feel a world away. In the evening go for a stroll around pretty Alice Town, all pastel clapperboard houses and conch salad. You’ll find the Bahamas’ most famous dish – diced conch marinated in lime juice, salt, garlic and red onions – in every restaurant, but locals say Joe’s Conch Stand prepares the best. Or Stuart’s. Try them both in Bailey Town a half mile north.

days enjoying Bimini on a luxury yacht

Now you’re refreshed take in some activity. Bimini is one of only five places in the world where you can regularly swim with wild dolphins. Bimini Undersea runs trips to reliable ‘dolphin grounds’. It’s a waiting game – these are wild animals, remember – but that only makes the arrival of a pod more thrilling.

Alternatively, there’s good diving on one of the world's best shipwreck dives SS Sapona south of Bimini or some world-class fishing. November is wahoo season, though you might also hook shark, barracuda or the occasional blue marlin – one reason why Hemingway loved it here. The other was rum – have a mojito later in the new casino at Resorts World Bimini. Conveniently, it’s a few steps from a marina that can accommodate yachts up to 70 metres.

days enjoying Bimini on a luxury yacht

It’s your final day, so make it one of pure indulgence on the private island of Cat Cay. Having moored in the marina of Cat Cay Club – visitors are permitted to moor for 24 hours – go ashore for fine cuisine at the Nauticat restaurant or buy the day’s catch of fresh fish and lobster and ask chef to grill it up in the barbecue area. As dusk falls head to Bu’s Bar for sundowners or for pure escapsim, slip around the south side of Cat Cay to take in one of the best Caribbean sunsets at Dollar Harbour.

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