Charter a superyacht in Dominica

22 January 2015

Dominica yacht charter

Located south of Guadeloupe and north of Martinique, Dominica’s volcanic form rises out of the sea and into the clouds, forming a verdant isle laced with rivers and cascading waterfalls. This rugged terrain has meant protection from the negative imprints of mass tourism.

Virtually half of the island is tropical forest, much of it virgin, and is criss-crossed by a trail network that takes in waterfalls and climbs mountains to heights of nearly 5000ft. There are 3 national parks, more than 365 rivers and streams and at least 40 dive sites just off shore.

The Soufriere pinnacle, rising 160ft from the ocean floor to within 5ft of the surface, is a particular highlight, covered in colourful corals and attracting loads of fish. Geothermal features include hot sulphur springs, a boiling lake, and warm bubbles that rise up from vents in the ocean floor off a beach the locals call Champagne.

Boiling lake in Dominica | Photo courtesy of the Dominica Tourism Board

In the forest an aerial tram can take you on a magical journey through the rainforest canopy for a parrot’s eye view. Indeed, Dominica is a paradise for anyone looking to experience the Caribbean in its most natural state.

In Dominica, with limited anchorages, your yacht will become the base from which you’ll explore the interior or dive offshore. With only a handful of beaches, those chartering have the advantage of being able to take a swim whenever they feel like it, especially if your vessel has a beach club…

Your tender will come into its own for exploring creeks and mangroves as well as speeding you to dive sites a superyacht might not have access to. As well as natural delights, the main town of Roseau adds some colonial colour, with its pretty buildings – among which are the best shops and restaurants on the island.


Awesome on-shore activities

With scorching black sand beaches and not many sheltered bays, Dominica’s highlights are all on shore: hike through rainforest, admire waterfalls and plantations.

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