Charter in Turkey with the captain of Lazy Z

22 January 2015

Captain Brad Kitcher of Lazy Z has spent his entire life at sea, by the age of eight he had already sailed twice around Australia with his family. A life as a captain seemed inevitable. He joined Lazy Z in 2004 and then started a captain rotation with Captain James Knowles in 2009.

Cleopatra beach the rumour is that the sand was brought from Egypt because she ordered it Dreamstime

Secret anchorage

Serce Bay

Serce Bay is my favourite due to the fact that usually no big yachts visit here. The entrance passage is small which then opens up into a huge inland lake. It appears completely landlocked, which also allows for a calm, sheltered spot to drop anchor. What we usually do is drop anchor next to one of the cliff walls , we then project a large screen on to it and by nightfall show movies.

Top beach

Cleopatra beach

To be honest there is not that many beaches one spot we like is Cleopatra beach the rumour is that the sand was brought from Egypt because she ordered it. The beach is simply beautiful.

Where to eat and drink

Bodrum port

I suggest heading to Bodrum Port, there are plenty of restaurants to chose from ranging from Turkish through to fine dini

Take a visit to Bodrum port to sample some of the world class food Dreamstime

Best thing to do while ashore

Explore the Daylan River. The yacht can drop anchor and then tender up this river. On the left hand side, Catacombs are inscribed into the cliffs.These catacombs are Lycian graves dating back to the 15/14th Century BC.If you fancy something a little different, leave the tender altogether and jump on one of the wooden boats filled with bean bags that whisk tourists up and down the river. It is also possible to stop at one of the wooden platforms to have dinner too.

Best time to visit and why

The best time to be in the area is the traditional Med season. Start in June and finishing in late September.

Bodrum harbour at night Robert Harding

Typical itinerary

Take a look at a few of the itineraries on offer

Seven days on Turkey's Turquoise coast

Eight days sailing around Turkey

Essential items to pack

Nothing. They don't need to bring anything we have everything they need. My boss just flies in with his laptop and that is it. Most people overpack.

Advice for a first time charterer

Take a look through some of the charter magazines but the success of the charter will have nothing to do with the boat. The boat is simply the vehicle the crew use to create an environment. Success lies with the crew. And that is one of the reasons we are very popular both the captain and crew have been very consistent over the years- everyone who comes on always says it is the crew that makes the charter.

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