Charter New England with captain Eddie onboard Capricorn

22 January 2015 • Written by Nicci Perides

Eddie Persichetti, captain of 42m motor yacht Capricorn has worked at sea for over ten years now. He joined Capricorn as captain on January 1, 2013 and at the tender age of 32 he is very much a head of the game. His excellent manner coupled with his love of the water has made him a very popular charter captain among both guests and crew. Originally from Southern New Jersey, Eddie now considers New England his home, and his crew of seven his family.

Charterfleet caught up with Eddie in Newport, Rhode Island to find out what makes the area so special for him and what you can expect from a charter on motor yacht Capricorn.

The quaint harbour in Newport is the perfect start for a charter in New England | Nicci Perides


New England

I love New England for a countless number of reasons – Firstly, I have lived here for a long time. It’s home for us. By far the best time to visit is in the fall – the surrounding colors and atmosphere are simply amazing.

In fact one of my favorite places to dock is located just north in New Hampshire; Wentworth-by-the-sea – it is a resort – but I don’t mean Atlantis Bahamas I mean classic Americana, horse and carriage, and colonial in style or of course there is Portsmouth too, it has a beautiful downtown, simply breathtaking.

Top anchorage

Closest anchorage to Newport (around 10 miles away) is Bristol, Rhode Island. It is very welcoming, a hidden gem, like a mini Newport with great people. When the weather is closing in, or you have people on board who are not too sea-savvy you just cruise under the Newport Bridge, up the Narragansett Bay, and straight into Bristol Harbour – it is a protected bay area so you are sheltered from the weather – by far my favorite anchorage up here.

Secret beach

There isn’t really many (sand) beaches in New England as one would think – Nantucket is probably the place to head for if this is what you are wanting. Up there it is possible to do private beach parties – we can hire in caterers who have special permits and then throw a big BBQ with all the local specialties such as clam boil, lobster, chowder, etc.

For something romantic head to the White Horse Tavern in Newport, RI White Horse Tavern

Top restaurants

There are so many great restaurants – it depends what you are looking for. My favorites are -

For a romantic atmosphere head to the White Horse Tavern in Newport. It is very high end, candlelit with white linen. The service is fantastic and the food is five-star. Of course you pay a great deal for this but it is certainly worth it. You can expect great seafood, duck, chicken – all prepared to perfection.

Then there is Boston – the south end of Boston is the place to visit for restaurants. Maybe try speaking some of your best Italian while walking through the cobblestone streets. You have restaurant after restaurant and then wine bar after wine bar, and it is only a short walk from Boston Yacht Haven.


All I can say to this is do not miss Fall up here. Fall is the best time of year by far. The colours and light are outstanding, the weather is perfect and the New England charm is at it’s finest. New England comes alive close to Halloween as well. Salem and Plymouth are rich in history and a must visit in September and October.

No visit to New England is complete without visiting the historic mansions – Chateaux sur Mer

What to do ashore

Of course you can’t come to Newport and not visit the historic mansions on Bellevue Avenue. Most of them are open to the public and offer organised tours.

In Maine – Acadia National Park is a must. Here you can go on eco excursions, or explore the park via biking, kayaking or hiking. I love this park as we can anchor the boat right in the middle of it, surrounding ourselves with nature at its finest.

Local specialities

New England is famous for Clam Boil/Chowder. Give it ago – of course our chef will prepare this for the guests too.

Essential items to pack

Nothing. They don’t need to bring anything – we have everything they need. My boss just flies in with his laptop and that is it. Most people overpack.

Advice for a new charterer

Let loose and have fun, relax, ask if you want something, don’t be shy, turn the IPhone off and just enjoy the entire experience. It’s our job to make sure you’re having an amazing time.

Who charters Capricorn

Capricorn offers a lot of boat for your money. She offers privacy in different areas, a lot of natural lighting from many windows around the boat – having said that for someone who doesn’t appreciate the sea, this may not be the boat for them as you can see the water from every room. The crew are fun and like to get involved with the guests but of course are professional too.

The crew are key to a good charter. As captain, my theory is work hard play hard, if one person is not working then no one is working – we muck in together. Our chef is phenomenal – on one of her first weeks on the boat the owner came on and she needed to cater for 80 people. She managed without any dramas at all. Having my wife onboard as purser adds a special addition as well, a back-up where additional help may be needed anywhere onboard with guests. We are a good team and that is the key – we are not a crew we are a family.

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