Galápagos superyacht charter

22 January 2015

Galápagos yacht charter

Isolated 500 miles west of Ecuador, but set at a confluence of currents fostering life, Charles Darwin who visited in 1835 made the Galápagos islands famous. The best way to see the islands is still Darwin’s way —living aboard a yacht.

Home to more than 100 endemic species of animals and plants, the islands are highly protected. The Parque Nacional Galápagos sets itineraries outlining where yachts can make landfall and anchor, limiting the number of vessels on each route. This defends the delicate biosphere and is a boon to charterers who enjoy privacy. The Galápagos are on many a travel bucket list—and for good reason. Here you can snorkel with sea lions, view animals you literally won’t see anywhere else and walk on terrain that’s more like the moon than the mainland. Best of all, after a day of adventures, your yacht’s crew will have a hot Jacuzzi and a delicious meal ready for you.

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