Guadeloupe superyacht charter

22 January 2015

Guadeloupe yacht charter

Shaped like a graceful butterfly, Guadeloupe is part of an archipelago including the neighbouring islands of Les Saintes, Marie Gallante and La Desirade. With an area of 1,715 square kilometres, it is by far the largest island between Puerto Rico and Trinidad.

Guadeloupe is actually composed of two islands separated by a narrow river. Curiously Grande Terre is the smaller and flatter of the two, and is the busiest ‘twin’ and home to the capital Pointe-a-Pietre. The larger, mountainous Basse Terre is covered in lush tropical vegetation.

Guadeloupe may not have the array of glamorous resorts and fancy restaurants seen in other parts of the French Caribbean, but makes up for this with a vibrant arts scene – many writers, artists, dancers and musicians have flocked here. This is an opportunity to discover a unique blend of France and the tropics in an unspoiled and beautiful setting.

Les Saintes | © Shutterstock

Grande Terre has much larger, excellent beaches and there are good spots for kite- or wind-surfing. Basse Terre has some cosy anchorages, with good snorkelling and diving; especially in the renowned Reserve Cousteau at Pigeon Island. The main activities onshore involve hiking in the interior up the steep rainforested peaks.

Along the trail you’ll encounter waterfalls and plunge-pools perfect for a cooling swim. Grand Terre also has some nice hikes through mangroves and along the stunning Atlantic cliffs. And of course visitors lucky enough to come here by charter yacht can make the most of the smaller islands and reefs.

An itinerary to Guadeloupe is not complete without a trip to Les Saintes: these exquisite islets are clean and simply beautiful. Most of the local inhabitants are the descendants of Breton fishermen and boat-builders who came here historically. Ashore you can trek up to peaks and forts to take in stunning vistas, anchor in quiet bay and snorkel in crystal clear waters.

Amazing Anchorages

Saintes: Tiny, cute anchorages among these lovely islands. Great swimming, hiking and exploring the villages with their communities made up of the descendants of Breton sailors…

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