Inside the Seychelles onboard a superyacht

22 January 2015 • Written by David Price

The Seychelles are a prime spot for a superyacht charter says David Price from Hill Robinson.

Occupying some 1,350,000 sq. km of territorial water, the Seychelles archipelago’s islands fall into two distinct groups. 41 of its tall granitic ‘Inner Islands’ are situated on a relatively shallow submarine bank known as the Seychelles plateau, while 74 low-lying, coralline ‘Outer Islands’ extend in a gleaming arc towards the east coast of Africa.

The islands fall into six groups. The first is the ‘Inner Island’ group of the main islands of Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and the surrounding islands up to a distance of 100 km. Next is the Amirantes group, 250 km south-west of Mahé, the Southern Coral group, Alphonse group, Farquhar group and finally the Aldabra group, 1100 km from Mahé.

Centrally located in the region, Seychelles is a naturally attractive destination for any yacht visiting the Indian Ocean. Located outside the cyclone belt with no risk of contracting malaria, yellow fever, cholera or other common tropical diseases and with a sublime tropical climate, Seychelles offers a carefree, year-round cruising season. Straightforward immigration (no visas required) and health regulations also make for an uncomplicated, hassle-free stay.

Another world….

Seychelles is a sanctuary. Not only for its 87,000 strong population and the extraordinary bio-diversity of its pristine islands – but also for the select number of tourists who make the pilgrimage to its world-beating beaches, magnificent coral reefs, untouched forests and exotic island hideaways.

Seychelles remains, quite literally, a ‘breath of fresh air’ and a powerful antidote to the stresses and strains of modern living. Its long-standing reputation for stability and social harmony make for a friendly society in which the visitor will instantly feel welcome and secure. In this tranquil yet vibrant culture, English, French and Creole are the three official languages with German and Italian mixed in.

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