48 hours in Monaco away from your superyacht during MYS
PM: Check-in to Monte Carlo Beach

Port Hercules may seem like the main hub of activity for superyacht owners in Monaco but there is more to the principality than meets the eye. Save some time during the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show to explore the offerings in this iconic destination.

Day 1 - PM

Waking up on board your yacht with the shimmering water mere metres away is one of those life experiences that simply cannot be beaten. However, if you’re prone to occasional seasickness or are simply craving some time on solid ground, then checking-in to Monte Carlo Beach — one of the best hotels in Monaco — should be at the top of your agenda.

With luxurious French Riviera inspired furnishings, Michelin-starred restaurant Elsa onsite and the added bonus of opening your balcony doors to hear the sea lapping beneath you — this hotel really is an obvious choice for those who need a nod to all things nautical.

AM: Revitalise at Thermes Marins spa

Once you’ve indulged in a delicious, organic breakfast at Monte-Carlo Beach, request for your chauffeur to take you to the Thermes Marins spa. It has four floors covering 7,000m² and is one of the best luxury spas in the Mediterranean — a true haven of tranquillity amid the bustling streets of Monaco.

Life at sea can take its toll on your skin — excessive amounts of sun exposure and saltwater can result in premature ageing. So, whilst it may be tempting to opt for a more traditional treatment such as a relaxing massage or a facial, we would thoroughly recommend a session of cryotherapy. It is worth mentioning that this does involve standing inside a -110°C chamber for three minutes in nothing but your underwear, socks and Crocs. Admittedly, this may not sound like your idea of a relaxing morning at a premium spa — and it certainly isn’t for the faint hearted — but we can say from experience that the results are worth it.

You are left with a healthy glow and improved circulation — the intense rush of blood through your body revitalises your collagen levels, which is claimed to be brilliant for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Plus, once you’ve got over the shock and are back in your comfort zone, ideally sat by the pool with a glass of rosé Champagne in-hand, the release of endorphins has been compared to the feeling of completing a marathon. We know what we would rather do…

PM: Revel in the Monegasque nightlife

It would be a shame to put your new found, cryotherapy-induced energy to waste with an early bedtime, so it's now time to get your glad rags on and prepare for a night on the town.

Begin your night at the Hôtel Hermitage Crystal Bar — sip on an aperitif and taste some of the world’s finest caviar, while watching the sun slip away behind the mountainous skyline. Once darkness falls, head to Buddha Bar, which is one of the best bars in Monaco, for impressive cocktail flaring and sharing platters of freshly prepared sushi and sashimi. The lively atmosphere is perfect for getting you in the mood for a night out, plus it’s family-friendly so feel free to invite the children for dinner before you move onto your evening's entertainment.

If the increasingly loud music tempts you to stay for a dance, the bar is open until 2am — it gets busier as the night goes on with Monaco frequenters of all ages ending up there, so you will be in good company. If you fancy finishing your evening in a more elegant fashion, move on to the Monte-Carlo Opéra at the Salle Garnier — this is a truly unique and luxurious venue, bursting with history. Whether you’re into jazz music, classic rock, theatre or opera — there is a highly eclectic repertoire of performances there, so keep an eye on the programme in the lead-up to your time in Monaco, as there will undoubtedly be something to suit your tastes.

AM: Soak up the sense of community

In a world of superyachts, supercars and helicopters, the idea of walking anywhere can seem like a memory in the distant past. However, because of the principality’s somewhat petite size, everything is in walking distance, so there’s no excuse not to dust off your most comfortable shoes and set out for a stroll. By foot is by far the best way of exploring Monaco — look around and you will notice things that you’ve never seen before, such as locals filling baskets at the weekly farmers' market, children harvesting pesticide-free produce grown on La Route Du Goût’s floating garden, old friends catching up over a croissant and coffee… you might even discover a new favourite café hidden off the beaten track.

There is no denying that Monaco has a reputation as being slightly pretentious, yet wandering around the neighbourhood, preferably on a calm and sunny Sunday morning, will open your eyes to a whole new understated world of community, care and culture amidst all of the extravagance.