Patagonia superyacht charter

22 January 2015

Patagonia is known as one of the most special places on earth. Although not traditionally thought of as a superyacht charter destination, this mysterious land offers so much to those willing to explore. A handful of yachts head out that way each year and with the help of M/Y Sherakhan, and her experienced crew, we can bring you some exclusive itineraries.

photo: Adobestock

Patagonia Map The name Patagonia – also known as Patagon- came from early stories written by Spanish explorers about the ‘land of giants’. The stories mused that the inhabitants were once known as The Bigfoots due to them being over three metres tall!

A typical yacht charter itinerary here would visit not only historical, cultural, and natural wonders, but also places of development. It is very possible to visit the less inhabited part of Patagonia too, to give you a taste of “God’s creation on Earth”. With modern equipment, nowadays almost anything is possible including a visit to the southern most Yacht Club of the world, the southern most Port of the world and explore the unique form of tourism in an area of sun, snow, and ice.

Please be aware that this is an area with a lot of restrictions in order to protect and preserve the natural environment. This means navigating by the rules of the Patagonian authorities. Yachts are forced to navigate through daytime and sometimes have speed restrictions.

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