The Seychelles superyacht charter

22 January 2015

Seychelles yacht charter

If ever there was a group of islands that appeared to be a tropical paradise, surely the Seychelles are they. Situated approximately 600 miles north-east of Madagascar, and 1000 miles east of Kenya, the Seychelles are a group of more than 100 small islands in the Indian Ocean.

The main (biggest) islands are granite extrusions, which give some of these islands their characteristic beach boulders as can be seen on the islands of Praslin and La Digue.

The four main islands are Mahe, Praslin, La Dique and Silhouette, and these islands are where the bulk of visitors (mostly honeymooners) stay. But with a charter yacht at your disposal, these fantastic islands are yours to explore.

If you are looking for breath-taking beaches, crystal clear seas, palm trees, and the ultimate desert-island relaxation then you will find all this in abundance.

Sailing Anse Source D’argent | Photo courtesy of the Seychelles Tourism Board

Boating facilities in Seychelles are fairly limited, but a well-stocked yacht will have no trouble finding beautiful bays in which to anchor. The bigger islands (the granite ones) tend to be verdant and mountainous, while the outlying coral islands tend to be flatter and more like something out of Treasure Island.

If your idea of the perfect holiday is a palm-fringed, white sandy beach lapped by turquoise waters, then the Seychelles may well be for you. This is one of the ultimate get-away-from-it-all charter destinations, and with little or nothing to do for a couple of weeks, a gentle meander through the islands of the Seychelles is very hard to beat.

Awesome on-shore activities

Praslin Island, Valee de Mai: Praslin is popular due to its lovely granite-boulder- strewn beaches and discrete resorts; but it is also home to the fabled Coco de Mer tree. For centuries, no-one knew the origin of the strange female-shaped nuts that washed up on beaches far away. Now we know this strange tree grows amid the virgin rainforest here in the Seychelles, which you can explore on foot.

Brilliant Beaches

La Digue: Great white sand beaches, some strewn with curvaceous granite boulders.

Delightful Diving

Desroches Island: The vast lagoon here makes for some great diving in this hidden gem relatively close to the capital Victoria.

Superb Snorkelling/Swimming

Farquar Atoll: Within this encircling barrier is a vast sandy lagoon of the most delicate turquoise blue water; the 1m to 6m depth at high tide is occasionally interrupted by dense fields of mushroom-like coral heads. These provide superb refuge for a host of aquarium fish of all sizes and colours, and make for excellent snorkeling.

Wonderful Wildlife

St Joseph Atoll: A huge shallow lagoon is surrounded by tiny islands. The wildlife here has little fear of humans, you can walk amongst the fairy tern colony and they won’t bat an eyelid…

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