UAE & Oman superyacht charter

22 January 2015

UAE & Oman yacht charter

The distinctive allure of the United Arab Emirates is undeniable. Whether it’s the luxurious hotels, the beautiful sandy beaches, the duty-free shopping, the immaculately manicured golf courses, the guaranteed sunshine, or any combination thereof, the UAE and Oman attract visitors from all over the world.

The UAE are a collection of seven small states on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsular, run by their respective royal families, that banded together when the British left in 1971 to form one country. Abu Dhabi is the biggest, both in terms of size and in terms of oil wealth and GDP.

Although there has been immense wealth sloshing around the UAE for decades, recreational boating is still in its relative infancy. Traditional sailing dhows have been built and used in the Gulf for centuries as a means for trading, but these days there is a burgeoning recreational boating scene and the associated facilities are improving all the time.

This increasing interest in recreational boating has meant that more charter yachts are becoming available in the region, and more places are now catering to the needs of charterers.

At first glance there may not appear be too many obvious destinations for a UAE and Oman charter, but there is more to this region than shopping malls and seven-star hotels. There is a wealth of history and culture, little of which is known about or understood by the average western tourist or businessman. And although the discovery of oil has allowed the Emirati to abandon their nomadic existence, there is still plenty of heritage and culture to be discovered, and some truly spectacular coastal scenery to be enjoyed from the comfort of your charter yacht.

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