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2016 Young Designer of the Year Award

Sponsored by:  OCEANCO

The task for the 2016 Young Designer of the Year Award has been archived below.

2016 Young Designer of the Year task

The text that explains the requirement is below. The Image Files and the ACAD and IGES files that will provide the starting point for your design will be sent to you once you have completed the Registration of Interest form. Should you have any queries  please contact Natalie Turner by emailing natalie.turner@boatinternationalmedia.com.

Understanding the Young Designer of the Year Task

This is key to a successful design. Please read the text thoroughly before starting work. Should there be any item that you do not fully understand, please email your query to youngdesigner@boatinternationalmedia.com and we will be happy to clarify it for you.

The task, as it appears below, can also be downloaded as a PDF document.

Should it be necessary to make any amendments to the text of the task (which is found below and on the link above) we will send a notification to all those who have registered their interest. At the same time, the text of the problem on shall be amended to show any changes in RED.

The Task

You are at your drawing board in a design office that is well known for both the exterior styling and interior design of large yachts when your boss walks in and calls for everyone’s attention.

‘I’ve just had a most enjoyable lunch with a new client who has asked us to prepare a preliminary design for her new yacht’, he announces. ‘It’s an interesting project and a slightly unusual one’ he says, with a smile, ‘So I need to find someone who really knows how to enjoy himself and is able to build some entertaining ideas into this design’. You notice that his gaze is focused on yourself as he continues:

‘The client is an Italian fashion designer who lives and works in Milan and spends most weekends at her holiday home in Porto Fino, but apart from these weekends she takes few holidays. Recently, she has been attracted to the yachting lifestyle and wants to sell her Porto Fino house and build a yacht that will meet her very specific needs. I can only spare one designer at the moment, so this preliminary design will have to be a solo task. It’s a big job that will take up all of someone’s time for the next few months. Do I have a volunteer?’

A silence descends across the room and, again, you notice that he is looking directly at yourself as he goes on to say: ‘Judging by your rather extrovert behaviour at the last office party, I think the task is yours. Come to my office I’ll brief you further.’ You blush as you follow him out of the room, not remembering much about the last office party except for your hangover!

In his office, your boss is firm about the requirement. ‘Firstly, I should mention that our client, whose signature style is the creation of sleek and elegant clothes using materials that are often custom-made for her design house, seeks a yacht that epitomizes this style and reflects her senior position in the fashion industry. That’s most important – so don’t think about designing anything that’s macho or butch!

She wants to base her yacht on the Italian Riviera within easy travelling distance of Milan – La Spezia, or Genoa for instance – and have the ability to get to an attractive destination – such as Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Monaco, Porto Fino or Porto Cervo – at high speed on a Friday evening so she can maximize her time there. To achieve this she is going to need a 25-knot plus yacht with a modern semi/planing hull that is optimized for comfort while having the ability to transcend the hull speed. Don’t worry, the hull design to achieve this has already been prepared, so you can have an IGES file as a starting point for your exterior and interior design straight away.Remember, the sheerline cannot be modified in any way except between midships and the stern. If you choose to modify the sheerline in this area you must retain the existing hull lines beneath it. The interior design of the lower deck should be made within the given boundaries of the forward engine room bulkhead, the double bottom and the collision bulkhead. The general arrangement of all decks, the exterior layout, styling and bulwarks and detailed, will be up to you. The only thing you have to remember is that it’s important that your design minimises weight – and I’ve already warned the owner that she can’t have tons of marble!

Oh, and one other thing you should be aware of. Our client is a huge fan of good design – and in her own profession, couture, she recognises that the best designs start with a blank sheet of paper and a sharp pencil, not on a computer. So while she would like to see your computer renderings, she would appreciate a series of hand drawn sketches that demonstrate how you arrived at your 3D renderings.

So let’s look at our client’s lifestyle. She likes intimate gatherings, so will never have more than four guests aboard, and these would normally be couples, but the ability to throw a good party for a minimum of 40 or so is a must. I’m sure you have plenty of expertise in this so I’ll let you decide what’s needed! She loves an outside lifestyle and probably won’t even use the boat if the weather is bad, so the decks will need to have comprehensive living and relaxing areas including, of course, a dining area and teppenyaki grill. And of course, there has to be easy access to the water for active watersports such as windsurfing, canoeing, and scuba diving – but she refuses to carry jet-skis or any other motorized water toy because of the noise they make. These toys will, naturally, have to be stored in a garage along with a couple of tenders, but getting them in and out shouldn’t disturb anyone using the beach club. Did I not mention a beach club? Well, she wants a big one, and you can dip below the given sheerline in this area to create this. Cinema? She’d like one of those, too. A bar? No, certainly not, drinks will be served by the crew.

Because she won’t use the boat if the weather forecast is bad, she doesn’t need more than one saloon, which should contain an ‘emergency’ dining area in case it’s too windy to eat outside. Of course, as she’s an ‘outside person’ there will have to be good exterior views from the inside. As for cabins, a master cabin plus two guest cabins will be quite sufficient. Oh, and one other special request, she wants a full-on health spa and a good-sized beauty salon.

As for services and crew area, the client is keen on a high level of service – preferably as inconspicuous as possible. On the other hand, the crew area needn’t be too large as, apart from the captain and his wife – who will live on the yacht full time – the remainder of the crew – probably three guys and two girls – will live ashore and only sleep on board during weekend cruises.

Have I missed anything? Oh yes, as you will see from the drawings, the hull has an LOA of 45-metres, so you should be able fit everything in and maybe you can also add some other little treat that you think will please her – based on your own party-going experience, of course!

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll have to work on your own but at least you will have some time to complete the task as I don’t need to have it on my desk until January 4th 2016. Don’t let me down!



Couach Yachts |  37 m |  12 guests |  €3,500,000


Heesen Yachts |  55 m |  12 guests |  €26,000,000


Azimut |  34.4 m |  12 guests |  $11,500,000