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The categories for the BOAT International Design & Innovation Awards 2025

25 April 2024 • Written by Hannah Rankine

The BOAT International Design and Innovation Awards celebrate the design and innovation of superyachts, highlighting features that make a boat successful and smart from an operational perspective. Below is the list of categories that will feature in this year's awards programme.

2025 categories

Outstanding Exterior Design - Motor Yachts / Sailing Yachts

Honouring the most aesthetically pleasing, operationally sound and innovative design and styling approach of a yacht's exterior. Motor yachts will focus on the balance of the profile and integration of working (including tender and helicopter stowage) and social areas, especially within the context of the yacht’s intended use. Sailing yachts will focus on the spars, especially within the context of their intended use.

Best Interior Design — Motor Yachts below 500GT / above 500GT

Honouring the most stylistically and aesthetically pleasing interior with specific attention to the general arrangement for owner and guest use, crew circulation and operation, seakeeping issues, materials, lighting, innovation, lifestyle elements and comfort within the context of the design brief.

Best Interior Design - Sailing Yachts

Honouring the most stylistically and aesthetically pleasing interiors with specific attention to the general arrangement for owner and guest use, crew circulation and operation, materials, lighting, innovation, seakeeping issues, lifestyle elements and comfort within the context of the design brief for the vessel.

Best Naval Architecture — Semi-Displacement or Sailing Motor Yachts / Displacement Motor Yachts / Sailing Yachts

Honouring the best hull design for a displacement motor yacht based on a multi-point analysis of efficiency, seakeeping and performance data and looking at the demonstrated efforts made to perfect the hull for its mission during the design phase via model testing, CFD and/or other computational simulations.

Best New Series

Honouring the new best design in customisable production yachts brought to market within the eligibility period.

Eco Award

Honouring a yacht delivered within the qualifying period that demonstrates the best approach to environmentally sensitive design, engineering and operation.

Outstanding Lifestyle Feature

Honouring the design of a single lifestyle element or area on board a yacht - motor or sail – that improves the enjoyment of the yacht at sea or in harbour and enhances the quality of time on board such as through sport, connection to the natural world, creation of a specific ambience or function area and exemplifying the spirit of the owner’s brief. Please select one lifestyle feature per yacht.

Innovation of the Year

Honouring an innovative design, engineering development, product or process that has improved the aesthetics, operation or liveability of a yacht delivered within the qualifying period. Please select one product/process per yacht.

Tender of the Year

Honouring the best tender delivered into service to a specific yacht within the qualifying period. The vessel may be embarked or towed and, while it may function independently for short periods, its primary purpose is as a tender to a larger yacht, ferrying passengers or toys and equipment for owner and guest use. Tenders are evaluated for aesthetics, function within the brief, ease of boarding, passenger safety and comfort, innovation and operation - including launch and retrieval. This category may be split into Open and Limousine tenders depending on the entries.


Nominations for the Design & Innovation Awards 2025 are now open and the winners will be announced at the Superyacht Design Festival 2025 in Kitzbühel. If you have any questions about the awards, please contact the events team.


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