Topics for the 2020 BOAT Live: Explorer Yachts Summit

15 October 2020

The full-day programme invites attendees to deep dive into the exciting, multifaceted world of exploration.


Topics at BOAT Live: Explorer Yachts Summit held in collaboration with include:

The state of the explorer yacht market

A data-led presentation revealing the real story of the sector. How big is explorer yachting, where is the sector growing, and who’s buying explorer yachts?

The latest ground-breaking explorer projects

Hear from the team behind the incredible expedition yacht REV.

The new frontiers of superyachting

Where are adventurous owners heading in their explorer yachts? Experts discuss the remote cruising grounds that are attracting the most interest.

Expedition security

Maintaining ship safety in far-flung corners of the world is of paramount importance. Speakers will look at all the threats yachts face today.

Prepping for adventure

Buying the yacht is just the first step – how do you set up your yacht for exploration? What should you carry and what can you expect?

The explorer of tomorrow

What design trends are influencing explorer design – and how big a part will sustainability play in the future? Designers and shipyards define “the future explorer”.

Shipyard insights

What are owners demanding of shipyards? What tools, toys and capabilities are now required in explorer yachts? Find out how client demographics are changing.

Commercial connection

Why are some owners choosing to build their yachts at commercial shipyards? Insight from experts on this new wave of superyacht construction.

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