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5 reasons to attend the 2023 Ocean Talks

2 June 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine

Hosted on 8 June, to coincide with World Ocean’s Day, Ocean Talks 2023 will bring together the superyacht industry and marine conservationists in a relaxed environment for an evening of inspirational talks and networking. The event serves as a catalyst for change, driving momentum and fostering a sense of urgency in addressing the challenges facing our oceans. Sponsored by the Ocean Family Foundation (OFF), the sixth edition will feature talks from four esteemed speakers, along with more than a dozen exhibitors showcasing the latest ocean-saving projects, initiatives and products. By attending this event, visitors will not only gain valuable insights but also become part of a global movement striving to protect and restore our seas for future generations.

If you haven’t already secured your free ticket, here’s five reasons to register now…


Be a part of the first in-person Ocean Talks since the pandemic

After being held virtually for the past few years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2023 Ocean Talks will finally return as an in-person event in London at The Magazine at Serpentine North Gallery. Visitors can enjoy reconnecting with face-to-face interaction and forge new connections that virtual interactions can't fully capture. As well as this, attending the in-person event will allow guests to absorb knowledge from experts in the ocean conservation field, engage in lively discussions, and gain insights that provide invaluable opportunities for learning and growth.

Be inspired by one of the most influential conservation photographers of our time

Cristina Mittermeier, marine biologist, activist, conservation photographer and co-founder of SeaLegacy

The 2023 Ocean Talks provides an incredible opportunity to hear from and meet the renowned keynote speaker, Cristina Mittermeier, a distinguished figure in the field of marine conservation and photography. As a marine biologist, photographer, and co-founder of the prestigious organisation, SeaLegacy, her work has had a profound impact on raising awareness about the importance of ocean preservation. By attending Ocean Talks, you can hear Mittermeier’s wealth of knowledge and expertise, and learn from her remarkable journey as a pioneer in using photography to drive change.

Hear from speakers at the forefront of marine conversation

As well as Mittermeier, at Ocean Talks, visitors will also hear from a panel of speakers at the forefront of marine conservation. Panellists include Lilly Barclay, founding member of the Ocean Family Foundation and co-founder of A Plastic Planet + PlasticFree, Sian Sutherland, co-founder and chief changemaker of A Plastic Planet + PlasticFree, and Oliver Steeds OBE, chief executive of the NEKTON Foundation and co-founder of Yachts For Science. They will be discussing a range of pressing issues surrounding marine wildlife, plastic pollution and maritime research.

Discover the latest products and initiatives in marine conservation

Ocean Talks offers the perfect opportunity to discover ground-breaking brands that have integrated sustainability into their core values. There will be over a dozen exhibitors from across the ocean conservation sector showcasing their innovative products and projects. Guests can see the unique furniture pieces created from repurposed microplastic by Brodie Neill, discover outstanding short films about marine conservation from Ocean Film Festival, browse OCEANR’s high-end apparel created from recycled plastic, and so much more.

Network with like-minded individuals

The event offers a valuable opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who share a passion for marine conservation. Bringing together a diverse community of experts, activists, and enthusiasts, visitors can expand their network and forge meaningful connections, opening doors to new perspectives, ideas and collaborations. Through these interactions, attendees can gain inspiration, find support for their own initiatives, and discover new opportunities for impact within the field of marine conservation.


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