Ocean Talks 2022: BOAT International auctions exclusive NFTs in aid of ocean conservation

30 May 2022• Written by Stewart Campbell

BOAT International is auctioning a series of three exclusive NFTs (non-fungible tokens) from Winch Design in aid of ocean conservation.

The auction will be open until 31 August and will see 100% of the proceeds from the sale donated to two organisations – Yachts for Science and Oceans Without Borders.

Winch Design's first ever NFT, titled 'Message in a Bottle #1'
Winch Design

The NFTs – a series known as "Message in a Bottle" – have been specially created by Winch Design, and mark the first time the world-renowned studio has created an NFT.

Aino Grapin, Winch Design's CEO, said: "The brief we gave our talented designers was to let their imagination run wild, incorporating our two passions at Winch: innovative design and marine conservation.

"'Message In A Bottle’ is a fantastical digital asset, which belongs in the realm of limitless creativity, drifting in the imaginary oceans as it saves them. It is a call to slow down and take a look at the oceans: if we save them, they could save us.”

"Message in a Bottle #2"
Winch Design

The auction will be facilitated by Cloud Yachts, which has quickly established itself as the leading company in the yachting NFT space, having successfully auctioned a series of superyacht NFTs designed by studios such as Bannengerg & Rowell and Gregory C Marshall.

Cloud Yachts founder Zach Mandelstein said: "Winch Design and BOAT International are truly embarking on a historic event in the NFT space. This NFT charity project could be the ultimate gift that keeps giving to our oceans. 

"Message in a Bottle #3"
Winch Design

"Our charity NFT vessels will never be decommissioned, they will forever live on the Ethereum blockchain and provide precise clarity on the amount of funds raised. Every time one of these iconic NFTs resell, an automatic payment of Ethereum will be made to the charity's digital wallet. Cloud Yachts is proud to be part of this project and optimistic about the long-term results."

The auction is taking place on the OpenSea network, the world's largest NFT marketplace. Don't miss this opportunity to own a unique digital asset – and help protect the world's oceans.