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Q&A with FAR wooden surfboards owner Frazer Reid

30 May 2023 • Written by Lucy Dunn

Frazer Reid has two passions in life: woodworking and surfing. The result is lovingly handcrafted wooden surfboards that glide through the water and prove that polystyrene and polyurethane don’t have to be go-to materials for this sport. Working from his studio in Fife, Scotland he handcrafts these hollow wooden boards as well as bespoke furniture and uses sustainable wood from reclaimed forests. 

Do you have a special beach?

In Scotland we’re really spoiled with the beaches and coastline which makes it really difficult to pick out a favourite. But if I had to choose one, it would have to be Balephuil on the Isle of Tiree in the Inner Hebrides. Its crystal-clearwater and beautiful white sand really make it feel tropical and on a sunny day it's really hard to believe it is in Scotland!

Favourite marine species and why?

The killer whale. I haven't seen them in the wild even though a pod of them was spotted off the Fife coast a few years ago. It's incredible how intelligent they are and how they’ve adapted to hunt in different ways.

If you could eradicate one thing that is harming our seas, what would it be?

Plastic pollution. I think this is the worst thing affecting our oceans and that the full extent of this hasn't been felt yet. With plastic breaking down into microplastics entering the food chain I feel that this will have a huge impact on animals and us as well.

Who is your conservation hero?

My conservation hero has to be David Attenborough. What he has done over his career to bring awareness to both land and marine animals and environments is just incredible!

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