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Challenge your expectations: One-of-a-kind superyachts with List GC

26 March 2018

Founded in 1950 by Franz List Sr, List General Contractor began as a small Austrian joinery business, albeit one with considerable vision. The company has continually expanded over the years, at first working on luxury residential and hotel projects, before moving into the marine industry, working on cruise ship interiors in the mid 1990s. By 2000 List GC had transferred its attentions to superyachts, working on the 62.6 metre Lady Lola (now Lucky Lady), amongst others. Now a third generation family business, the esteemed interior outfitter, based in Bad Erlach, south of Vienna, works on both luxury residential and superyacht projects across the globe.

List GC offers a full-range of project management and production services

As a general contractor, List GC offers everything from planning through to project management to production and assembly of its interior products. Thanks to a 14,000 square metre office and factory space, all elements of List GC’s business are now under one roof, resulting in even more efficiency for the company. It approaches every refit or new-build project individually, creating highly customised interior products to meet all manner of client requests. Its work includes ceiling panels and built-in and freestanding furniture, mainly using wood, coated with veneers, high gloss lacquer, fabric, leather or gold leaf.

List GC has created pieces for both traditional and ultra modern interior schemes, as well as the most opulent of yachts. For the latter, precious materials such as gold, marble and mother of pearl or specialist finishes such as marquetry might be used on its furniture creations. On a recent project the interior outfitter used close to 300 special finishes, including using unique combinations of wood and liquid metals.

List GC’s indoor furniture on the award-winning sailing yacht Ribelle

“Our clients want bespoke pieces they haven’t seen anywhere before. The boundaries are continually being pushed so we’re always trying to work with new materials to create one-of-a-kind furniture,” says managing director Josef Payerhofer. List GC will never produce the same thing twice, believing individuality is of paramount importance.

The company has long-standing alliances with notable architects, shipyards and designers, as well as partnerships with external suppliers and manufacturers who share the same exacting standards and allow List GC to develop and process large complex projects simultaneously. With visionary ideas, attention to detail and an irrepressible passion for its work, the company aims to make the impossible possible, using its highly resourceful team and innovative processing methods.

List GC’s indoor furniture in the cabins on Ribelle

At the Boat International Design & Innovation Awards 2018, the 32.5 metre sailing yacht Ribelle was presented with the award for Best Interior Design – Sailing Yachts. List GC was responsible for producing the interiors, working alongside designer Rémi Tessier in the creation of a unique scheme that featured furniture, organic in shape and with polished copper details, a metal that is notoriously hard to work with in areas of high humidity and must be treated appropriately to avoid corrosion. List GC was also responsible for building the award-winning main staircase on the 88.5 metre motor yacht Barbara, designed by Sam Sorgiovanni. This combines stone, carpet, wood and leather panels, and reflective surfaces, and features steps that appear to be floating on air. With both of these projects List GC demonstrated its ability to work with even the trickiest of materials to create stand-out interior pieces.

“Every project is a challenge but we consider this a good thing because we like to be challenged, even on time or budget. If you are challenged, you never get bored, you’re always being pushed to be creative and innovative,” says Payerhofer.


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