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Personal touch: The brands putting a truly unique spin on your superyacht
2017-10-04By Jordana Reuben Yechiel

Whether it be your choice of bespoke linens, your unusual taste in general arrangement or your special bonus room, every luxury yacht is different. But if you want your yacht to really stand out from the crowd, Jordana Reuben Yechiel introduces three brands offering something truly unique...

Lights: Crystal Caviar

The staircase on board Kismet. Image courtesy Guillaume Plisson.

Crystal Caviar, based in the Czech Republic’s historic glass-making region of Bohemia, is the lighting master of the sea, producing bespoke lights and chandeliers for more than 70 superyachts. Among them is 107 metre KlevenUlysses, which boasts a 12.5 metre chandelier, and 95 metre Lürssen Kismet, the chandelier on which took 18 months to complete.

“A yacht chronometer, made in optical glass, was probably the most difficult bespoke project we ever did – two years of work for a piece which is 40 x 40cm,” says owner Marek Landa.


Camera: Astor Milan Salcedo

Immortalise your build process with Salcedo's unique artworks

Madrid-born Astor Milan Salcedo started out in the 1990s as a fashion and beauty photographer before turning to documentary film-making and later modern art, inspired by man’s everyday interaction with nature. I love his “overpainted photographs” of the building process in shipyards, or of the yachts themselves. Commission him to shoot your vessel at different stages of the build and work his magic on top.

“I not only document the process of construction, the beauty of the finished vessel or life on board, but also add a particular feel or emotion of the owners,” says Salcedo of his works.


Action: Amalgam Models

Inspect your yacht from every angle with Amalgam's highly detailed models

How about capturing your yacht in 3D? Amalgam, based in Bristol, UK, has been making beautiful scale models, commissioned by yacht owners, designers and builders, for more than three decades. These are made with a focus on elegant realism, rather than the more graphic and representational treatments often requested by industry for commercial or design purposes. Amalgam has even added a topless sunbather to the top deck as requested by one client! The process takes between four and six weeks.

“We always complete the final touches by hand. The owner always appreciates the aesthetics of the model as a reminder of the real yacht,” explains director Chris Conlon.




Couach Yachts |  37 m |  12 guests |  €3,500,000


Feadship |  44.65 m |  10 guests |  €19,900,000


Heesen Yachts |  55 m |  12 guests |  €26,000,000