Chic Champagne Glasses For Every Style of Bubbly


Beautiful glassware is one of life's finest greatest pleasures. It changes the way we enjoy a drink, how we capture the aromas and it goes a long way to improving the presentation. Ideally we want something sturdy but not too heavy, opulent and delicate with a bit of detail.

If it's for a dinner party where no ones going to be trying to nose it with any real effort, then a coupe and flute works nicely. If you're serving aromatic sparkling wine you want to savour, a tulip flute or wine glass is best as they hold the aromas in the glass.

We've rounded up some great Champagne glasses in various styles that will complete the look of your carefully crafted table scape. Be sure to check our guide on the best Champagne buckets and of course sparkling rosé and you're set to go!

Pictured above is the Lalique 100 Points Champagne Coupe

$104 from Harrods

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A beautiful bit of design, these Revolution Collection Champagne Flutes from Fferonne as subtle, classy and something different to your everyday flutes. Mouth blown and made of borosilicate glass.

£144 for two from Amara

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Wedgewood x Vera Wang

The Duchesse Champagne Flute is suitable for classy dinner parties, weddings and the likes. Bringing femininity and sleek design to a robust cut crystal flute. It's both delicate and sturdy, so much so it's dishwasher safe.

$45 for one from Macy's

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Richard Brendon

These fluted crystal coupes from Richard Brendon look great for a bit of bubbly but also for desserts. A timeless design, pair this with the rest of Richard's collection for a truly exquisite glassware collection.

£90 for one from Selfridges

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Fferonne knows how to make stand-out glassware and it doesn't get any more unique than the May Collection. The pleated stem is a beautiful bit of design, while the whole glass is crafted from mouth-blown borosilicate glass.

£153 for one from Amara

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If you're looking to expand your silverware collection, these sterling silver goblets from Carrs are the next step up. Versatile to work with any tablescape, they are a beautiful display of British craftsmanship.

€6,753 from Harrods

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For something a bit more regal, the Harcourt 1841 Champagne Coupes from Baccarat are just the ticket. Opulence in its finest form, these luxurious coupes have been the choice of a number of historical icons, including Pope John-Paul II and the Queen of Thailand.

€338 from Harrods

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These beautiful Theatre Champagne flutes from LSA and incredibly dainty and slimline. The tinted hue makes them a great choice for alfresco dining in the summer months, of brunch celebrations any time. They are hand wash only.

£75 from Selfridges

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Richard Brendon

The fluted design on these beautiful Richard Brendon Champagne flutes gives them an instantly classy, and opulent appearance. These cut crystal glasses are mouth blown and hand-cut.

£120 from Selfridges

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Villeroy And Boch

Featuring a tapered design, the large bottom of these MetroChic flutes allows for the aromas to better circulate within the glass, enhancing the scents as your drink from them.

These flutes from Villeroy & Boach are made of lead-free crystal.

$59 for two from Zola

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