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The Essential Cleaning Supplies Every Yacht Should have Onboard

27 July 2020

The everyday upkeep of a yacht is time consuming work for both the deckhands and the stewards. The hospitality aspect of a steward's daily work regime is only the half of it, the rest is the daily housekeeping to ensure the yacht looks like a 5* hotel standard at all times. A stew's working day is long and laborious, but thanks to some cordless and time-saving technologies, we can help them be more efficient without compromising on standard. While the role of the deckhand is more hands-on, we've also included some window and deck cleaning devices to make their lives easier too.

Here's our guide to the must-have onboard cleaning supplies for every yacht.

Sonic Brush

Forget using Q-tips and toothbrushes to get into those tiny spaces, this sonic brush with detachable heads in various sizes is great for cleaning around taps, plug holes and other hard to reach areas. And no, it's not an electric toothbrush...

$13.49 from Walmart

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DYSON V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

A couple of these scattered across different levels of the yacht will help you do a quick, thorough vacuum in no time. Forget fussing with chords, the high-suction and easy-change heads for both hard and carpeted floors mean running this through a yacht will be a breeze.

£599 from Currys

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Kärcher SC3 Upright Steam Cleaner

Clean and disinfect wood floors and tiles throughout the yacht in half the time as it would take a mop. No chemicals required, this steam cleaner is kind to surfaces and an ideal on-board cleaning utensil. Anything that can efficiently save time on turnaround days or on daily cleaning tasks is well worth it in our opinion.

£167 from John Lewis

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OXO Good Grips Duster

For a good, reliable duster that will help you with those hard-to-reach areas, OXO Good Grips duster has a microfibre pad on a telescopic handle. Run this over cabinet tops, TV screens and and bar shelves to banish dust from sight.

$16 from OXO 

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Campus Silvershine Cutlery Polisher

We know the clean down on board can go late into the night, and often it's the glass and silverware polishing that takes time. This countertop polisher dries and polishes cutlery in one, so you can leave it to do its job while you finish up the rest of yours. An easy time-saver that you can take in and out of storage each night.

$3,479 from Webstaurant Store 

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Leifheit 3-in-1 Window Cleaner

With more yachts boasting floor-to-ceiling windows througout, the window cleaning becomes an ongoing battle against salt spray and fingerprints. Featuring a microfibre squeegee and a telescopic handle, this Leifeit cleaner is great for out-of-reach areas. Buy a few and use them on tiles and showers too.

£54 from OnBuy

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Microfibre Cloths

Both deckhands and stew's bread and butter, the microfibre cloths are the best for keeping on you at all times to wipe every smudge, spill, watermark or fingerprint. You can never have too many.

$3 from Home Depot

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