The top travel apps for superyacht owners



Security concerns can be a big worry for many superyacht owners and, while personal bodyguards may be a good solution at home or on board, it's not always the most practical option for those who travel constantly. CloseCircle, a new app from the Drum Cussac Group, which promises corporate-level personal safety and security for private individuals and families. As well as optional tracking and touch-of-the-button SOS calls, the app will give you a full rundown of the potential risks at your destination before you leave, alert you to any hazards within a 50km radius, provide real-time event updates in more than 500 destinations and allow family members to see your last known position and vice versa. In addition CloseCircle's security experts are available 24 hours a day to provide proactive advice on a range of dangers or, if the worst should happen, help evacuate you from a situation or offer specialist support for kidnapping, wrongful detention, missions persons or extortion. Packages start from £195 annually for a single membership and go up to £3,500 for a six-person family membership.


Louis Vuitton Pass app

Apps that work in conjunction with the best luxury suitcases are the latest must-have in high-tech travel. By far the chicest is Louis Vuitton's Pass app which has been designed to pair with its new range of Horizon luggage designed by Marc Newson. In addition to letting you see all the latest Vuitton news and being presented with a specially curated selection of products chosen just for you, the app also grants you access to exclusive Horizon-specific services including premium repairs, care advice and a range of personalised services.



Created by Van Berge Henegouwen specifically with superyacht owners in mind, Pivot is the first on board living technology system available on the Apple Watch. The app can be used by owners to call stewardesses and control on board entertainment, lights and temperature with customised presets available for each device so the wearer’s preferences can be met at the touch of a button. Pivot can also be used by crew to send messages and information to all staff instantly and discreetly without the use of a radio.


Surf Air

Drawing comparisons with both Netflix and Uber, Surf Air offers a new way to fly by private jet by charging a monthly fee for which members receive unlimited flights on its Cessna or Embraer aircraft to destinations across the US and Europe. Flights take mere minutes to book and passengers can arrive at the airport just 15 minutes before take off. European membership starts from £2,500 a month with an initial joining fee of £1,000 and destinations include London, Ibiza, Cannes, Barcelona and Geneva.


Jet Lag Rooster

Whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure suffering from jet lag is never fun. While there are many apps on the market that promise to help cure it, Jet Lag Rooster stands out for its tailored, practical approach to resetting your body clock. Simply enter the details of your trip and the app will give you a personalised guide based on scientific research telling you when to sleep, when to expose yourself to sunlight and when to stay in the shade to help reset your sleep patterns.


Field Trip

No matter how knowledgeable your captain is, if you’re exploring a new charter destination or are heading off the beaten path, then chances are you’re going to need a travel guide. Field Trip runs in the background of your phone and uses your GPS location to send notifications with information about places of interest, good restaurants and bars, historical landmarks and museums in your vicinity. It’s constantly updated so you’ll never miss out on the latest pop-up, festival or temporary exhibition.



If you’re an explorer yacht owner who believes in discovering far flung destinations by losing yourself among the locals then LiveTrekker is for you. This app logs your route as you wander around a new city as well as allowing you to add photos, audio and notes to each geographical diary to help you remember what you loved about that quaint café or charming terraced restaurant. Plus you can share your route with other users or download walking and driving guides to almost anywhere in the world.