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Owner of 31m Sea Breeze III launches YouTube series detailing superyacht's rebuild

25 April 2024

Superyacht owner Charlotte Devereux has launched a new YouTube channel titled 'Chronicles of She' that delves into the history and restoration of the vintage 30.8-metre Sea Breeze III.

Delivered in 1976 by Australian shipyard Millkraft, the yacht was originally built for Australian theme park developer Keith Williams and later owned by New Zealand businessman Graeme Hart.

In 2018, Simon Greenwood and Charlotte Devereux were looking for their "dream restoration project" and discovered Sea Breeze III only three months into their search. Works began in 2019, but the Covid-19 pandemic turned their plans for a relatively short refit into a three-years-long project.

"Viewers [of 'Chronicles of She'] are treated to a blend of the yacht's storied history and modern-day adventures, alongside wellness insights and gourmet discoveries," explained Devereux. "With Augie, the family Labrador, adding some heartwarming moments in between! The channel is a visual ode to the beauty of the ocean, the spirit of discovery, and the kinship among those with a deep affection for the sea."

Sea Breeze III's owners sat down with BOAT International to discuss the refit in 2021.

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