Agantur Shipyard, also is known as Özkalay Yachts, builds traditional wooden sailing yachts and contemporary power cruisers in Bodrum, Turkey.


The shipyard was founded in 1985 under the name Agantur Yachting Co. Ltd. In keeping with the centuries-old shipbuilding traditions of the area, Agantur builds Turkish “gulets” and classic wooden motorsailers up to 40 metres in length. In a separate facility nearby, the shipyard also builds steel-hulled luxury motor yachts from as small as 8 meters to as large as large as 38 metres, although its facility is capable of handling construction for much larger yachts. Agantur’s clients primarily are European, although it has delivered yachts to the Maldives and Abu Dhabi.

Notable Yachts

In May 2007, Agantur delivered the 34.85-metre Sailing Yacht Queen of Karia I. This highly traditional, schooner-rigged custom yacht featured intricate woodwork hand-crafted by the shipyard’s artisans. Another striking Agantur creation is the steel-hulled, 31.7-metre AD5, launched in 2011. Inspired by a working Dhow, this luxury megayacht features a white hull with a unique decorative design of a horse springing from the waves.


In addition to new luxury yacht construction, Agantur Shipyard offers custom yacht design, refit projects, and yacht brokerage services.

Agantur   38.7 m •  2009
Agantur   37.9 m •  2014
Agantur   35 m •  2000
Pruva   34.41 m •  2004
Agantur   31.7 m •  2012
Agantur   27.43 m •  1999
Agantur   27.26 m •  2004
Agantur   26.82 m •  1996
Agantur   25.6 m •  2000
Agantur   24.99 m •  1993
Agantur   24.99 m •  1993
Agantur   24.99 m •  2003
Agantur   24 m •  2014