Alia Yachts

Alia Yachts builds custom superyachts up to 60 metres in length in Anatalya, on the southern coast of Turkey.


Capitalising on the growing global order book for large custom superyachts, two yachting industry veterans founded Alia Yachts in 2008. Its modern shipyard includes facilities purpose-built for cutting-edge yacht construction.

Alia Yachts made its mark building high-tech, contemporary sailing and motor yachts of carbon-reinforced sandwich composites. Alia Yachts works with owners and international yacht designers to produce one-of-a-kind and semi-custom luxury yachts.

Notable Yachts

The 35.8-metre luxury Motor Yacht Aliyoni was delivered by Alia Yachts in 2012 with a design by Warwick Yacht Design of New Zealand. Built of high-tech composites with a planing hull for maximum performance, Aliyoni is powered by twin 2,600-horsepower MTU engines to a top speed of 28 knots.

Alia Yachts also has collaborated with Warwick Yacht Design on two 24.6 semi-custom sister ships, the 82LK Sailing Yachts Aiyana, which launched in 2010, and Two, which was delivered the following year.


Alia Yachts is focused on adapting the latest technology in the yacht-building field to enhance its luxury superyacht construction capabilities. The shipyard specialises in advanced composites, but also utilises other materials, including aluminium and steel, for yacht construction and refits.

Alia Yachts   60.2 m •  2016
Alia Yachts   60 m •  2024
Alia Yachts   54.85 m •  2021
Alia Yachts   52.5 m •  2024
Alia Yachts   45 m •  2024
Alia Yachts   43 m •  2024
Alia Yachts   41.29 m •  2015
Alia Yachts   36 m •  2021
Alia Yachts   35.8 m •  2012
Alia Yachts   30.5 m •  2018
Alia Yachts   29 m •  2012
Alia Yachts   27 m •  2019
Alia Yachts   26.54 m •  2023
Alia Yachts   24.68 m •  2012
Alia Yachts   24.68 m •  2010