Custom Line

Founded in 1996, Custom Line designs and builds made-to-measure contemporary high-end superyachts in composite material and aluminium alloy with custom interiors for highly demanding clients.

Each Custom Line yacht blends cutting-edge technology, ingenious functional solutions and unmistakable design and is made to reflect her owner’s personality.

More than 300 Custom Line yachts have been built at the Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard in Ancona, Italy over nearly three decades and cruise all over the world.

Created in partnership with the Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department who develops the naval architecture, the Custom Line range comprises two lines, ranging from 30 to 50 metres in lengths in composite material and aluminium alloy.

The planing line in composite material, with the exteriors and interiors designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design working in partnership with Margherita Casprini, features the Custom Line 106’, Custom Line 120’ and the Custom Line 140’, a supremely innovative tri-deck using cutting-edge carbon-fibre technology and hybrid materials integrated. This masterpiece of naval design with low draft and gross tonnage boasts an unprecedented top speed for a yacht this size.

The displacement line in composite material includes the Custom Line Navetta 30, Custom Line Navetta 33, Custom Line Navetta 42, the new Custom Line Navetta 38which is under construction at Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard as well as the Custom Line Navetta 50, the new flagship of the brand conceived entirely in aluminium alloy. The exterior design of Custom Line Navetta 30, Custom Line Navetta 38 and Custom Line Navetta 50 is by Filippo Salvetti, while ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel designed the interior architecture, permeating them with a sense of refinement and sophistication that points up the personality, values and heritage of the brand, including the reinterpretation of yacht building tradition from a contemporary perspective.

With a displacement hull under 500 GT and a length of 49.90 m Custom Line Navetta 50 extends across five decks in a layout that revolves around the positioning of the owner’s apartment in the forward area on the upper deck, from which all the onboard spaces develop.

These represent two kindred souls with the same passion for cruising and profoundly different ways of living the sea. Impeccable quality and attention to the subtlest detail have always been a Custom Line hallmark, along with the Italian heritage and deep expertise to create the finest works of art on the water.

The design process is a constant dialogue with the discerning owner's family. Every step is coordinated with the client, who experiences first-hand the unique satisfaction of creating his own magnificent yacht of distinct character and individual aesthetic taste. At the heart of this journey, the Custom Line Atelier and the Custom Line project management team, include talented project architects, skilled engineers and technicians that support the owners right from the initial brief, developing the yacht and tailoring it to their lifestyle.

Custom Line combines advanced technology, Italian creativity, flexibility and craftsmanship throughout the design and construction process. The shipyard is a highly specialized industrial organization with the experience to complete complex projects to meet the ambitious goals of building quality, full-hand craftsmanship, rigorous controls, optimized production and efficient delivery.

Custom Line’s many assets include the advanced Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard in Ancona- Italy. Spanning almost 80,000 sqm (around 33,000 of which are indoors), the Ancona construction hub builds pleasure vessels of up to 90 metres in length. This multi-brand facility is the centre of excellence for designing and building metal megayachts and superyachts for CRN, Riva Superyachts Division, Pershing and Custom Line brands and composite yachts for the rest of the Custom Line range: all icons of craftsmanship, design innovation and advanced technology.

The stretch of water that opens out in front is a unique space and a precious resource, a gateway to the Adriatic Sea, a strategic access door to the rest of Europe, the Middle East and to the Mediterranean Sea, that offers the highest yachting standards, exceptional amenities & services.

Ferretti Group Superyacht yard marina is a private tourist marina to full effect. Extending 250 metres along the coast, it provides large berths for fitting out and finishing up to 15 superyachts at once. The yard vaunts a 670-ton travel lift for launching metal and composite pleasure ships of up to 50 metres, which is also used to haul out vessels for testing. The facilities include 9 modern high-tech sheds, all fully heated, air-conditioned and comprehensively equipped. They feature state-of-the-art air extraction, compressed-air and centralised technical-gas systems, heating and power-generation systems, and 2 overhead cranes for handling and installing materials on board.

Custom Line shipyard includes five dedicated sheds, each one with four workstations dedicated to the hulls construction and interiors fittings of Custom Line superlative fleet.

Custom Line   26.22 m •  2008
Custom Line   26.22 m •  2008
Custom Line   26.22 m •  2007
Custom Line   26.22 m •  2013
Custom Line   26.22 m •  2009
Custom Line   26.22 m •  2014
Custom Line   26.22 m •  2012