Darnet Design


Superyacht interior designer Franck Darnet grew up in a sailing family which included a designer, and so was always destined to follow a similar path. Darnet graduated from the Ecole Boulle in Paris having studied applied arts and housing design, and in 1990 joined renowned naval architects Groupe Finot / Seine Design where he spent eight years on the interior design of custom yachts alongside several production yacht projects.

Today, a total of 14 architects, designers and interior designers work alongside Darnet and Franck Darnet Design has two offices – one based in Nantes, France, with Darnet himself at the helm, and a second office in Miami, US, run by Karine Rousseau – an interior designer who also graduated from Ecole Boulle.

Notable yachts

With interior design credit for some 1,200 yachts from 15 metres to 56 metres in length, notable Franck Darnet Design yacht interiors include the African-influenced décor for the 45 metre Sunrise superyacht Africa, the classic, Edwardian-themed interior of 29 metre sailing yacht Virgo-Viva I, and the interiors for the 33 metre Lazzara 110 range.


Franck Darnet has collaborated extensively with a number of superyacht yards including Turkish builder Sunrise. With a diverse range of skills in-house, Franck Darnet Design projects have extended beyond yachting to include prestigious land-based and submerged projects such as hotels, as well as vehicle design.

Viareggio Superyachts (VSY)   63.8 m •  2020
Sunrise   44.85 m •  2009
Sunrise   44.8 m •  2014
CNB   28.45 m •  2002
Lynx Yachts   27.4 m •  2022
Lynx Yachts   27.3 m •  2020
Lynx Yachts   27.1 m •  2019
JFA Yachts   26.25 m •  2018
Outremer Yachting   18.29 m •  2015