Headquartered in Marín, Spain, superyacht shipyard Factoría Navale Marín (FNM) builds luxury sailing and motor yachts up to 150 metres in length under the brand name Marin LuxuYachts.

History of FNM

Superyacht builder FNM was founded in 2006 in Galicia, Spain, by Managing Director Pablo Comesaña and President José María Suescun, both principal shareholders. Galician bank CXG Corporación owns an additional 10 percent of the shipyard. FNM operates three divisions: commercial shipbuilding, Marin LuxurYachts leisure yachts, and repairs. Superyacht builder FNM has invested more than 12 million Euros in the shipyard to facilitate construction of custom luxury sailing and motor yachts. In 2009, luxury yacht builder FNM launched its first Marin superyacht, the 42-metre schooner Elena, a replica of an early 20th century schooner designed by legendary yacht designer Nathanael Herreshoff.

Notable FNM Yachts

Demonstrating its versatility, superyacht builder FNM delivered the 45.24-metre full displacement motor yacht Follow Me V in 2011. MCA-compliant custom superyacht Follow Me V features exterior styling by Reymond Langton and interior design by Design Studio Spadolini. Also in 2011, superyacht builder FNM launched the 47-metre sailing yacht Germania Nova. The steel-hulled superyacht is a thoroughly researched replica of the 1908 schooner Germania. Superyacht Germania Nova features interior design by Oliver Design.

Specialisations of FNM

Luxury yacht builder FNM specialises in custom sailing and motor superyacht construction in steel, aluminium and wood under the Marin LuxurYachts brand. Authentically replicating vintage sailing superyachts is a particular specialty. FNM shipyard also builds and repairs commercial ships. Superyacht builder FNM prides itself on sourcing and managing the finest, most technologically advanced suppliers and materials.

FNM   59.74 m •  2011
Metalships   59 m •  2016
FNM   55 m •  2009
FNM   45.24 m •  2011
FNM   39.6 m •  2014