McConaghy Boats

With shipyards in Sydney, Australia, and Zuhai, China, and a design office in New Zealand, luxury yacht builder McConaghy manufactures high-performance sailing yachts and innovative superyachts ranging up to 42-plus metres.

History of McConaghy Boats

Performance sailing yachts builder McConaghy Boats was founded in 1967 by John McConaghy in Australia. The shipyard began by building small, one-design sailing yachts for racing. Originally constructing these boats in plywood, the shipyard soon adopted high-tech pre-preg composite construction techniques, incorporating advanced materials such as Kevlar. In 1980, luxury yacht builder McConaghy moved to a facility Mona Vale in Sydney, that allowed the shipyard to expand into the large yacht market. In addition to building contenders for the America’s Cup, Whitbread/Volvo and other high-profile sailing yacht races, McConaghy also manufactured masts, steering systems, foils and other components. Luxury yacht builder McConaghy Boats changed hands in 2000 to investors Jon Morris and Mark Evans. The new owners continued to expand the shipyard, opening a 2,500sqm facility in China in 2006. McConaghy has a history of developing advanced construction techniques, and also of collaborating with the world’s top sailing yacht designers.

Notable McConaghy Boats Builds

The 30m Mega Maxi yacht Leopard 3, launched by performance yacht builder for McConaghy in 2007 and designed by renowned naval architect Bruce Farr, went on to break the Rolex Fastnet record. In 2012, superyacht builder McConaghy Boats went contrary to form by launching an innovative motor yacht, the 42.5m trimaran Adastra. Designed by naval architecture firm Shuttleworth, power trimaran Adastra combines excellent fuel economy and seaworthiness with luxury accommodations.

Specialisations of McConaghy Boats

Advanced composite technology and construction techniques are a specialty of McConaghy Boats, which builds carbon fibre racing yacht components in addition to high performance luxury sailing yachts.

McConaghy Boats   42.5 m •  2012
McConaghy Boats   33 m •  2007
McConaghy Boats   30.48 m •  2005
McConaghy Boats   29.87 m •  2005
McConaghy Boats   27.43 m •  2004
McConaghy Boats   27.43 m •  2002
McConaghy Boats   27.43 m •  2002
McConaghy Boats   27.4 m •  2020
McConaghy Boats   26.21 m •  2002
McConaghy Boats   26.21 m •  2003
McConaghy Boats   24.5 m •  2010
McConaghy Boats   24.35 m •  1988
McConaghy Boats   24.08 m •  1992
McConaghy Boats   24 m •  1995