The Italian Sea Group represents excellence in the refitting and repair of superyachts and yachts, both motor and sailing, with a focus on vessels over 60 metres. Refitting activities are carried out in the dry docks, which are used in conjunction with the docks and other facilities within the shipyard. The engineers, architects, interior designers and technical staff dedicated to refit activities can provide all the information on the operations to be performed on individual ships and offer the best solutions in compliance with precise quality standards, with great attention to costs. The Italian Sea Group acts as the general contractor for the entire refitting process. Owners also have at their disposal a project manager dedicated exclusively to the supervision of the various activities to be carried out on the individual boats.

Picchiotti   103.85 m •  1982
NCA   76.32 m •  1972
NCA   50.51 m •  1964
FNM   45.24 m •  2011