Picchiotti, a historical name in Italian shipbuilding, was founded in 1575 in Limite sull'Arno.

From there began a tradition that has helped create the modern nautical industry.

For over four centuries, Picchiotti shipyards have marked the history of military, commercial, pleasure and sporting seafaring. Picchiotti ships have seen all stages of technological development with the passage from wood to iron, from steel to aluminium. It was the first shipyard to create recreational motor cruisers in series.

In 1982, Picchiotti built the 103-metre Al Said, at the time one of the largest ships in the world. Al Said was born in Marina di Carrara in the warehouses of the Nuovi Cantieri Apuania, which today are the headquarters of The Italian Sea Group.

This story, today, comes to life again and Picchiotti's new route starts with The Italian Sea Group - a group created by Giovanni Costantino that has redrawn the map of the global nautical industry.

This is where the future of this centuries-old tradition, which The Italian Sea Group wants to reinterpret in its stylistic and historical values begins.

The Italian Sea Group has relaunched the Picchiotti brand with the new Gentleman's Yachts fleet inspired by the silhouette of American yachts of the 1960s. The brand interprets classic lines with exclusivity and elegance, showcasing innovative engineering solutions, a unique and distinctive design and surprising volumes.

Specialisations of Picchiotti

Superyacht builder Picchiotti specialises in the construction of contemporary, semi-custom luxury yachts utilising aluminium and steel.

Picchiotti   103.85 m •  1982
Picchiotti   58.5 m •  1985
Picchiotti   47.55 m •  1982
Picchiotti   46.3 m •  1982
Picchiotti   46.27 m •  1988
Picchiotti   42.76 m •  1990
Picchiotti   42.49 m •  1977
Picchiotti   40.78 m •  1981
Picchiotti   39.5 m •  1988
Picchiotti   37.73 m •  1986
Picchiotti   37.7 m •  1987
Picchiotti   36.88 m •  1955
Picchiotti   31 m •  1968
Picchiotti   30.48 m •  1997
Picchiotti   29.76 m •  1970
Picchiotti   29.7 m •  1987
Picchiotti   28.44 m •  1970
Picchiotti   27.43 m •  1970
Picchiotti   26 m •  1986
Viudes Yachts   24.6 m •  1970
Picchiotti   24.08 m •  1979
Picchiotti   24 m •  2024