Luxury yacht builder Picchiotti, a member of the well-known Perini Navi Group of shipyards, is located in in La Spezia, Italy. Superyacht builder Picchiotti complements luxury sailing yacht builder Perini Navi by constructing custom and semi-custom yachts up to 73 metres in length under the Picchiotti Vitruvius brand name.

History of Picchiotti

The historic Picchiotti shipyard originally was founded in 1600 in Limite sull’Arno, Italy. In addition to building commercial and military vessels, Picchiotti also gained a growing reputation as a luxury yacht builder, and helped to pioneer the concept of the recreational motor boat series. Over the centuries, luxury yacht builder Picchiotti moved its shipyard and also expanded to other locations. Superyacht builder Perini Navi Group acquired luxury yacht builder Picchiotti in the early 1990s. In 2007, Perini Navi launched a new series of luxury motor yachts designed in collaboration with naval architect Philippe Briand and Vitruvius Ltd. under the Picchiotti brand name. By 2010, Perini Navi Group had moved all of its luxury motor yacht production to the Picchiotti shipyard in La Spezia.

Notable Picchiotti Yachts

In 2010, Pichiotti delivered the 50m luxury explorer yacht Picchiotti Vitruvius Exuma. Built in aluminium and featuring dramatic styling, including an axe bow, superyacht Exuma won many yachting industry awards. Picciotti flagship Grace E, with an LOA of 73 metres, launched from the La Spezia shipyard in 2014. Superyacht Grace E has an aluminium superstructure and a steel hull.

Specialisations of Picchiotti

Superyacht builder Picchiotti specialises in the construction of contemporary, semi-custom luxury yachts utilising aluminium and steel.

Picchiotti   103.85 m •  1982
Picchiotti   58.5 m •  1985
Picchiotti   47.55 m •  1982
Picchiotti   46.3 m •  1982
Picchiotti   46.27 m •  1988
Picchiotti   42.76 m •  1990
Picchiotti   42.49 m •  1977
Picchiotti   40.78 m •  1981
Picchiotti   39.5 m •  1988
Picchiotti   37.73 m •  1986
Picchiotti   37.7 m •  1987
Picchiotti   36.88 m •  1955
Picchiotti   31 m •  1968
Picchiotti   30.48 m •  1997
Picchiotti   29.76 m •  1970
Picchiotti   29.7 m •  1987
Picchiotti   28.44 m •  1970
Picchiotti   27.43 m •  1970
Picchiotti   26 m •  1986
Viudes Yachts   24.6 m •  1970
Picchiotti   24.08 m •  1979